Cats Make Kittens - We Have Automation!

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Good morning everyone. I had a great nights rest now that I no longer have to worry about distributing everyones new KITTENS each morning. You will now receive all of your KITTENS from @catbank and everything should run smoothly from here on out.

The Department of Science is settling in and has begun some top secret research. @catscientist won't tell me what's going on behind close doors but claims to be making advances in the name of science. Whatever that means.

A message from @catscientist

Trading rate remains at 20:1

The market seems to be settling in around the 19 Steem per CATS mark.I always felt that we would have sales into the 20-25 Steem mark before people started selling CATS. I'm happy to see I was pretty close to that estimation. We will have more elements to add to @catsmakekittens in the future but for right now I'm quite happy with where we are sitting.

Our weekly bounty is still up for grabs. All you have to do is write an article about @catsmakekittens and share the link with me in the comments. All entrants will get a share of our 10 KITTENS bounty.

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Congrats on the automation!!!

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Glad to hear your automation is working! Must be a relief to have that in place before you have to keep track of thousands of CATS and KITTENS all over the place!


I am so eager to have the votes ratio been automatically, because I increase my cats daily, but
my vote ratio has not increase align.

I don't know how to accomplish that at this point it time. I update the voting rules every few days and don't plan on changing that practice. I'm sorry if your numbers are behind right now but with everything being manual, I'm unable to update all the voting rules everyday.

nice to hear about the progress! and even more nice to see everything running more smoothly...

Congrats on the automation!
I also have a question that may have already been of today I have 20 KITTENS but would like to trade those in for another CATS. How do I go about doing that?

send the kittens to @catsmakekittens and I will send you 1 CATS in the morning.

Sounds good, I'm going to go do that now!