To a city that accepts everyone. Kudos to neoxian city!

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It's sometimes hard to fit into an environment without really taking your precious time that should have been used to focus on something more productive on getting to study and familiarize yourself with the environment. That's where the neoxian city comes in, it's a tribe that gives all other tribes a listening hear and equal opportunity to survive.

All am saying above is that its a community that welcomes and appreciate you for who you are. You don't have to change yourself for anyone, just be you and the community will show you love for that. You should not be caught unaware of this great opportunity to be part of something great and magical even historical.

The allows you to show to the world who you are without the fear of been cautioned, abused, warned or punished. All you have to do is to use the city tag i.e "neoxian", and that will be all. No stress, no time wasting.

Also the city also have a discord group named the parliamentary city of neoxian. This is where the magic happens, you mingle with like minds and learn from People even better than you are. No fear of slipping up and even if you do, you will be corrected and educated. You can't just never go wrong in this room.

So Many options are available in this city which can only be unlocked when you get to be a citizen but regardless of whether you are a citizen or not, you get to have a nice time in the city. For you to become a citizen you just have to be active on the discord group and interact with others, lay down valuable topics for discussion and contribute brilliantly to stuffs you know. Ask questions when lost and never assume to know all, someone will always be ahead...

contests is currently running now, check @zaku blog to get yourself abreast of what the rules and guidelines of the contests are. For more information;

For contest one, click here

For contest two, click here

to join the parliamentary city of neoxian,click here

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I like to read about your impression of the parliamentary city of neoxian. It is good to get peoples first hand impression of it.

I would only add is that citizens and the like have a great time on this Discord Server.

Good job @lebey1

Thank you for your honest opinion and also for your support. I have made the necessary changes to the write up based on your addition.. Thank you once more

You did not have to change anything...I was just adding my observation. You have done a good job with your post.

Thanks so much for your contributions.. You are the best

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