What next for SPORTS tokens?

in neoxian •  3 years ago 

I don't know if a decision has been made on how to crop out the excessively falling in price of sports. but have been seeing so many updates and posts on maybe future developments on the token.

After I drop a post recently about the continual decline in the price of sports and how hard acquiring sports have been, I also manage to lay my hands on another posts which also tried preaching almost the same message also. To read the posts, click here. The post was written by @jk6276

It's time to even make the sports payout even more smaller, this will aid in reducing the flow excessive sports in circulation. What usually get Me angry kind of is that most people crashing the markets are people with 5k Sports downward. They just want quick bucks and they seek. At ridiculous low prices for a little bit of steem, it's sad and disheartening.

But I came across a post yesterday which kind of lifted my heart and made me feel That the future will be safe. The sports team kind of maybe test run an idea of dishing out sports reward in sp and not in liquid rewards again on the delegators ND I feel this is a great step towards curbing out excessiveness. To read the post, click here

Prices keeps dropping. If actions is not gonna be taken immediately, it's best I dump my tokens also, to avoid completely losing out

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