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Hello everyone, good afternoon everyone from @battlegames and @steem-ace

I am posting this post to help communities I like very much to win the "neoxianpowercontest" contest delegation. I choose these communities, because they help so much everyone inside our dear blockchain steemit. I will talk about them:

1- BattleGames

battle games.png

Excelent front end related to games. In it we can make our posts about all games and they will be recognized regardless of which game we are playing. Additionally, they have a dtube video posting platform called
On top of that, they make monthly sweepstakes of great items related to our dear SteemMonsters game.
Your front end is:

2- SteemAce


SteemAce is another front end that I like a lot. They are also game-oriented and we can talk about any game in them besides using their "exclusive dtube" called

I love the fact that they draw daily for 4 people 1 SteemMonsters beta pack. I haven't won yet, but I hope to win someday. You need to stake GG tokens to be in the draw.

Another very important thing is that they have the account that votes for the best daily posts. Their vote gives GG tokens, steem, pal tokens, and neoxag tokens to posts that receive a vote. That's really good.

They accept delegation to this @good-game account and in return give GG tokens.

3- Splinterlands

I don't know what it would be like for the Splinterlands community, or, to get delegation, but someone influential from it could get to help people, because it's a community that helps all SteemMonsters players too much. They have a exclusive forum about SteemMonsters game.

These are my 3 choices. Hope you like it!!!!!

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Thanks @julisavio for participate the contest , Your nominated community have been noted and also fyi we increase the delegation amount to 20k , 4k to each community for a month . Announcement Post will be published asap . You got 100 NEOXAG as staked .


@julisavio Thank you so much for the nomination, you rock!

thank you!!!

Great choices!! 👍👍👍👹

thank youuuuu

Excellent choices @julisavio :)

thank you, man

Please contact me on Steem.Chat (I'm there as @gandalf).

I do not use this, man, but, why?

So at least respond to me on discord :-P

thank you

You picked really good communites!

thank you a lot, man!!!!

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Great choices !
Awesome job on your post .