Alone to be happy

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In my opinion!!
6 rules for alone to be happy.๐Ÿค—
Some people believe that we will not be happy with our loneliness they think we only be happy with someone else. In this full of world no one can stay forever for us everyone need to go at some point of life. So we do not relia on other to make us happy we should be self reliant. Here is some rules for happy life being alone.
-1 understand yourself is best in anyway.
You have your own value and there is no need to approval of anyone. You need to think whenever you alone its your own choice and this is great for yourself.
-2 value your own opinion then any others.
You always donโ€™t need to ask advice from other you need to ask from yourself because no one can understand you then your own self. You will more stronger when you believing on your self.
-3 learn to be observer.
You need to observe everything from everywhere because when people doing for their self when no one watches then they do best for their-self. You need to go park,grocery, stores etc to watch people and then think about yourself.
-4 Alone in dark room
A best way to learn or understand yourself is to sit in dark room and close your eyes and listen to circumstances how peaceful because outer is busy life with full of noise its better you take yourself away for while. The time when no one disturb you that time you will learn more and more.
-5 Talk to yourself
Scientists say itโ€™s a normal to talk to yourself itโ€™s boost you at higher level. Its more important for a busy person it can be ignored when you have people around you but when you are in alone in your own way your inner voice can rub you and talk to you and the inner actually you the way you want your self to be.
-6 create create create and create
When ever you alone very wonderful ideas you get and you need to busy yourself in way that yourself actually like it and you will amaze everyone by your best output. And you will happy and proud full to yourself โ™ฅ๏ธxqp4903c6c.jpg

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Very interesting information, I will try to follow all these rules))

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