Begging is big problem

in pal •  3 years ago  (Edited)

B7C68FC5-634A-4875-8392-D60F9EACEAA7.jpegEvery single man passes through crowd and sees many things but he Never tries to think about these things. Today I also face such crowd and i saw a thing which force me to think about it. I saw a poor lady who was asking to people for money I thought that may be she was true that she didn’t eat anything but in most cases i saw that the people whom ask for money are mostly drug addicts and they only bag to meet their habit. I want to ask question what should we do about it? Either we stop to giving money to the poor or we should band such people from bag. We are helpless in such situations to solving this problem. I find a solution that instead of money to such people we buy some eatable for them the benefits of it is that such people whom are drug addicts will not be able to buy drugs. I applied this solution on poor boy. I was sitting in a hotel, so i call her to ask about meal to check that either he is true or not. In response he shake his head and ask that he is not hungry. He is begging for his father who is drug edict. He continue his talking and ask that if he did not able to collect money for his father then he will be beaten by his father in the evening. I was shocked at that moment what should we do at problem. So i gave him some money to save him. Now i am thinking what’s the solution of this problem? Have you any idea about this?

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