Feeling like love but not love.

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Everyone think they know the feeling of love when they feel it. There are many more things or components of love which we think but are not love. In my opinion these are 6.
-1 Attraction let’s partners dispense with both side love. When you find someone attractive it’s not mean you are fall in love it’s mean you like them and these are compelled you to look them.
-2 Affection a huge feeling you have for a person but still not love a person. And person has also a lot feelings for you even physically affection but not to love you.
-3 Attachment when you passed your life with someone under any necessity then automatically you attached to the person and you have some attached but its not love.
-4 Desire sometime some people get confused between sexual to a person and think they love too but it’s not correct basically sex and love very closely bonded together that’s why people get confused.
-5 Need it’s human nature to give and receiving although it’s need of humans. When you need someone its not mean you love that person it’s mean you just want to fulfil your need or you want to give punishment and they still stick to you it’s not called love it’s codependence.
-6 chemistry or physics when bot partner have the same chemistry or physics they may be fall in love but most of the time they use each to fulfil their requirements in anything.

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