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Hi there..!
Education is most important thing in this world. No one can pass their peaceful life without education. Some people think education is way to build an empire and get rich. But life is not about to make money we are not here to just make money, our god have dedicated some work to us. But now in this world we all forget about our god and ran in race which results only to make money. Well as you know I’m student of aviation (aircraft maintenance engineering) and i passed my holidays peacefully with my lovable family. I can’t explain the feeling to leaving them and going to hostel life again. Tomorrow is my last off day from university then i have decided to go hostel before over one holiday. So my sister packed all necessary things including me basically 😞. So i met everyone in my family as based on our traditional style. Then my most loveable brother dropped me to the station and i said to my brother good by brother. Then i sat in the train and started to thought about my family, i have no idea how much the fast time being passed with my family and I don’t even realised that. Then i tried very hard to console my heart in that moment eventually tear came in my eyes and an old man who sat in front of me continuously he noted me then he asked me about why I’m worried then i told my story to him, little smile appeared at his face and he told me that “life is journey you need to love this journey to get batter life but if you don’t love it then at every point in your life you will cried and say why me. So love your journey to get your successful life without any regrets.” Then he putted his hand on my shoulder and look at me and smiled. Then may be his station came out and he gone. I thought about his words for my whole journey and literally i love my journey. After some time passed and my station came, i took a taxi to reach my destination. 7i7hb7h2wu.jpg

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