Did you notice that miners have sold a few hundred thousand worth of Steem?

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Steem-engine.com has clocked in a few $100k+ days of trading. We're regularly seeing $30k trading days. This thing is just warming up.

Digital Proof of Stake Miners seems to be a great success. get a token people want to own, set a scotbot inflation pool for it, and allow non-technocrats to mine it through proof of miner stake. That's awesome!

Congrats to the Steem-Engine team who sold $100k worth of miners, congrats to the SCT team that's sold over $100k worth of miners, and congrats to PAL, who have sold over 40k steem worth of miners.

If you think what we're doing is cool now wait until alt prices rise and we add a few more services like account creation and video sharing. It's gonna be yuuuuge.

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I love "yuuuuge" things. And would not like to be called "a whiner". Just...those charts... sometimes raises a mixed feelings:

It's a normal thing for steem token :)
I even can say, that price can drop to 20 or even 10 cents.

really! !shop


目前你总共有: 3枚SHOP币

查看或者交易 SHOP币 请到 steem-engine.com.

无聊吗?跟我猜拳吧! **石头,剪刀,布~**

So awesome 💪🏽

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This is what Steemit INC should be like. This is what Steemit INC should be doing.

I am glad you guys spun off your own thing and are doing all these things. I am using Palnet and encouraging all InformationWarriors to do the same!

Very good experience with it and Steem-Engine. Very cool. Finally starting to have functionality and tokens like ETH does, only on Steem it will be much better/cheaper/faster/etc :)

You guys doing all this stuff adds massive value to Steem, of which I otherwise was going to sell soon and have since changed my mind.

quick question from an idiot....
IF steem goes down, is planet dependent on the platform to exist?
Ie is palnet, ultimately dependent on steem ?

Nah, the cheaper the steem, the cheaper the rc credits.
Witnesses might not like it much, but they are the only ones earning their keep from the inflation, nobody else should get any.
Palnet can make the jump to their own chain just as quick as they got enough witness servers.

Until witness rewards don't cover server costs, steem is here to stay.
Killing our rep until enough stake changes hands to shift the balance from idiots to normies only prolongs the inevitable, steem killing the cryptos with fees.

Hopefully drumpf will put an end to the corruption.
I suspect our leadership will sing a different tune once the little people count more in the equation.

Palnet can make the jump to their own chain just as quick as they got enough witness servers.

oooooooooooh! zerrrrry interestink...

Palnet can make the jump to their own chain just as quick as they got enough witness servers.

It's not good option to me.

Aggroed can make the jump to steem team and speed up launching SMT

That's I will be glad to hear.

I mean, don't let me stop you from insinuating more stuff. What was that last post? O yeah, Steem is all about Ned, so it's Ned's fault we're not at $30.

I've been sick for 4 weeks after the polish girl left.. otherwise I would have bought me into some miners 4 weeks without pay. You need more miners if you want to mine. So I think personally you need at least 8 of them to get some eng token. It's a lottery ticket based system with the token as a lot. It's not a miningpool where you have a miner attached to. I have 2 proof of work miners at home still shutdown.

I just grind the token and let's see... I get with 1 normal miner 1 eng token in 6 days. I bought a palmm miner I can't see that one because I post on palnet too I get like 13 pal in 6 days with one palmm miner and using the palnet tag with the daily posting.

The roi of 1 eng miner at the price of 0.6 steem 1000 days this calculated to an emfour miner 960 days at a price of 0.6 steem. The bigger chance of getting more left out

Conclusion: buy more miners and you get more tokens.

Idea: introduce a miningpool where you can delegate to so the small miners have allways something daily. Reason if I would mine on the blockchain with 1 card I would also have nothing because the big farms are faster. In a pool You don't get one block but a part of that mined block the percentage of the pool with the time in it and some other variables.

How to do that make the miners delegatable... (what a word) so you can delegate to a pool contract that collect the mining power and gives you a part of that pie after the poolcut and when it reaches a certain level.

Well is this the 1000 steem idea or what. 😉🤣😂🤣😂 oh I think way too small.

My uncle allways said money makes money. 😊

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Where is the SCOT documentation.

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github and discord

Yes! That’s pretty awesome!!

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@aggroed Yes it Will be YUGE !!!

lol, love this one =D


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This is really amazing specially for people who doesn't have that technical skills to setup their very own miners. I currently doesn't have a miner yet but is planning to get one very very soon :) :) :)

I love the miners the steem-engine ones sold out so fast like 24 hours only got to pick up 2

Wait until people realize how easy it is to use as well. It’s awesome.

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Awesome work with creating the things that people want and will make the blockchain rock. You couldn't make it any easier to mine and like you said, it's just beginning. Love it!

This is awesome news and crazy numbers already! It would be super cool if there would be some kind of referral system where there would be some kind of small commission if someone sells a miner or PAL through their link (if this is technically possible). I mean Steemmonsters has got affiliate links, so PAL should follow suit :P

Now many users spend more time on the Steem Engine than posting. LOL

SCT and PAL are of course a favorite of many people, including me!

Shhhhhh... Don't spoil ALL of the surprises!

It's really going to be massive. Can't wait for alts to run high

This is really awesome deal..,thank you for sharing with us, I will read more and get the starting point!

PALcoin is crashing the price of STEEM right now.

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Oh man, i can not wait. Just keep them coming

@aggroed Really awesome. The best part is account creation :)

Do you have maybe some source how the miners work? It would love to read more about :)

You do good work. A real addition to the ecosystem..

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I don’t know what miners are nor do I understand what’s being sold. Please explain.
Thank you