Good Time To Invest In Bitcoin Buy the Frekin Dip

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In this blog I'm gonna show you the investor class indicator (ICI). This is the easiest buy and sell signal tool. You really don't need much understanding of technical analysis just an understanding what a moving average is? and when to buy and when to sell based on the indicator.


If we look at this chart of bitcoin you can see the price is moving up and down in a uptrend so there is al question when do you buy or when do you sell?

If you don't wanna trade in short term perspective but you like to invest in long term perspective then the easiest way is to do cast a fifty week moving average just this blue line and use weekly time frame

Why do you use weekly time frame?

The moving average is so smooth it is not jagged up and down so it is a long-term time frame based.

Now when do I buy ?

It is quite easy when price Crosse to the up side the blue fifty week moving average that's a buy signal

Big big big buy signal

If you got this buy signal and the price stay above the fifty week moving average as you can see in the chart it stayed above or even it comes close no problem as long as it is above the fifty week moving average you hold.

Now if you look at these corrections these are really big . If we measure these corrections these are approx 40 % to 47% but it is still above the fifty week moving average so it is still in the buy mode . So what you do when there is a correction morr then 30% You BTFD that correction buy the freekan Dip.

Let's see how this buy signal work

You can see in the chart late in 2015 when price Crosse upside the fifty week moving average that's the buy signal if you bought that and sell when price Crosse down side the fifty week moving average you got approx2735% return.

Now if you look the chart in April we got Massive buy signal if you bought that signal after that price goes to $14K . Now the price is correcting and it's over 30% correction what you do ? You buy that correction you BTFD that dip even the price comes down to $8k or more down to $7800 you buy that dip.

What you think about Bitcoin price.?

Did you bought friken dip?

Share your opinions on the comment section below.

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This is a very interesting set-up, which brings some clarity to the whole technical analysis area. I like Bollinger bands for investing in options and a try to use dips for buying Bitcoin also. Thanks for sharing.