Start investing in PAL Coin and Steemleo

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Good Morning,Good Evening, Good Afternoon depending upon where are you in this world this is @ajks with today's blog.

I hope all of you are doing good and all of you are fine. It is great to be with all of you here.

Yesterday I bought 4 PALMM and stack them to start pal Coin mining. Although I don't get any Payout till now but I'm really very excited about it because I can experience mining without a mining rig. Today I stacked all my liquid PAL Coin into my account so I can get some influence on I know my stack counts is too low but now I can give something to the community.
IMG_20190705_230517_951.jpg is an amazing and promising project so you can contribute your part my stacking your pal coins. This investment can give you biggest reward in the feature.


Another project poping up on steem block called Steemleo looks like promising project will cover it in next blog

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Nice! We love the mining tokens on Steem Engine, that's why we created LEOMM and LEOM too :) If you have any questions about Steemleo for your upcoming blog post, let us know ;)

I would like to know little bit about mining revenue so I can encourage users to invest in leo miners.

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Not bad. One palmm cost $34.35 now.

Yup you have to pay 100 steem for one PALMM

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Steem is too cheap. I have doubts whether it is worth investing my steem in anything until SMT is released.

I think if you are thinking about selling your steem at this price then you are wrong because it doesn't make sense. So invest your steem so you can use the power of compounding.

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