Today I Bought 4 PALMM

in palnet •  last year 

Science the SCOT introduced we are seeing a new Scot based project in every week. It is great to see because we can earn multiple token using only steem account. Steem Blockchain is powerhouse to all these projects. All of us aware about project started by @minnowsupport which is a promising project and they have their own token call PAL which can earn on

Amazing thing is that we can mine too. We do not need any mining rig. We just have to buy some PALMM on steem engine and need to stack them so the mining process can start automatically.


I recently bought 4PALMM and stack them for mine PAL Coin . I hope I can earn good on my investment.

If you want to main PAL Coin then buy some PALMM and stack them.

Will share my results with you in my next blog.

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