Steem Multiverse Double Dipping, Tripple Dipping, Quadruple Dipping..

in palnet •  2 years ago 

Quintuple! I forgot how many tag's you can put into one post. I could create 5 different Posts into 25 min
separate time's or.. just attempt to Quintuple DIP!


Consisting of five parts or things.
Increase or cause to increase fivefold.
A fivefold number or amount; a set of five.


Step 1:

Check and find your favourite token! You will know it by what you stake and what EARN'S the BIG BUCKS (or pennies)


Step 2:

Talk about Crypto/Financial:

(08/16/2019) Bitcoin Price

The wave lines between the 3rd and fourth quarter of the delta points excursion is relating financial information on the prime integer level telling me it's going to pump / and or dump! I will let you know tomorrow or maybe the next day if the 3rd and 4th quarter delta points excreted.. err pumped and dumped the proper profit taking measures. I will do my best to read the 3rd and 4th quarter delta integer points and make sure to let you know if it was.. excreted.

This post should make crypto! #Steemleo

Step 3:

Be Creative:



We are very very very NOT SJW considering we draw only stick people! We need Round People! This stereotyping is leading to many eating disorder conditions! From this point forward all educational material and stick figures shall now be mandated in school that EVERYONE FAILS whoever draws skinny stick people

Step 4:

Be part of a Great Community:

Ripped from @xawi Splinterlands post! Pure plagiarism

She is killing it!

Step 5:

Talk about Gaming:


And there you have it folks.. let's see if the flags be coming but as far as I'm concerned:

This is golden material folks! have a great weekend.

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Looks legit to me. Too legit to quit!

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