My first PALnet posting - creator of SCOT voting power viewer :)

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Congrats on launching !

As @holger80 introduced, I made a SCOT voting power viewer, which is already widely used for other SCOT like SCT, AAA, SPT, WEED, ACTNEARN.

I believe it's quite intuitive, but here is some explanation.

SCOT additional Information
  • Staked: Staked amount (like SP)
  • Unstaked: Unstaked amount (like STEEM) But excluded if used for market order
  • PendingUnstaked: Pending unstake amount (like powerdown)
  • PendingClaim: Unclaimed amount
  • Total: Total (market order amount is excluded)

Keychain support

  • Claim, Stake, and Donate :)

Steemconnect support

  • Claim (posting key)
  • I feel uncomfortable to require users to enter active key via SC. Once SC3 is fully tested, I'll add SC support for claim.
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Thank you for this useful tool!

Thank you for this usefowl tool!

I am a bot. I detect owl related puns.

Thanks :)

@blockchainstudio, Good to hear that it's your first post on PALNET.

And this post educated me about the SCOTBOT POWER VIEWER because i was just focusing torwards the Steem Voting Power. Thank you so much for sharing this informative piece.

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Thanks :)


Thank you, I am sure I will find that useful.

Thanks :)