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food of thaw with healthy

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food of thaw with healthy

Most people think that thawed food, frozen again, is not good, it should be cooked immediately.
Because after thawing, the bacteria will be increased , It will affect the health after eating, so should be cooked immediately., is not again frozen.

According to experts, any food can be frozen again as long as the thawing method is correct.

The correct thawing method is as follows:

Put food in the refrigeration, not in the room temperature environment, or in the water, because the room temperature and water are the most prone to bacteria, especially meat, the most susceptible to germs .

In the freezer, the thawed meat can be re-frozen, but the time to leave the freezer should not too long. It will affect the hygiene of the meat and affect the health of the human body, such as food poisoning.
It is best not to into the refrigeration for more than 2 days after leaving the freezer.

Image source "Health Magazine"







圖片來源 "健康雜誌"

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