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LED small mosquito lamp

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LED small mosquito lamp

I bought 3 small LED small mosquito lamps at the month.
The practical result is that his effect is 0.
Price: 2 USD
Place of production: made in China
Voltage: 110V
Size: (without plug)
The statement of the manufacturer:
This light can attract mosquitoes and, after an electric shock, kills mosquitoes and sterilizes them.
Power saving, low power consumption.
Use experience: mosquito killing effect is 0, mosquitoes are not attracted by this light, most mosquitoes would not fly to the light, I thought this light is more special, can attract mosquitoes, the result is that I was cheated It is.
Unless you want to catch the flying ants, the flying ants have the habit for fly to the light, they will fly to send death.
Power saving, power consumption is low.
Overall rating: 0 stars/10 stars
Evaluation (noise): 10 stars / 10 stars
Evaluation (durability): 9 stars / 10 stars
Evaluation (price ratio): 0 stars / 10 stars
Evaluation (efficiency): 3 stars / 10 stars

Alternative use,
I am a certain day, I have a whimsy, I put the banknotes up top,
Sure enough, he can check the paper of money.
As shown in the figure, the head on the banknote, you can see it, if you against the sun.
On some banknotes, there will be some trace of lines on the paper itself.
These small trace of lines , if you against the sun, you can not see it, you must use Verify the light of the banknote.
The LED small mosquito lamp can see these trace of lines .
these silk threads , after the illumination, it is visible to the naked eye, but the camera can't shoot it.


尺寸:11.7 * 6.6 * 4.5(不含插头)
总评价:0星/ 10星
评价(噪音):10星/ 10星
评价(耐用性):9星/ 10星
评价(性价比):0星/ 10星
评价(效率):3星/ 10星


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I also have a similar model to this. Actually i have many placed around the house and i do find them working pretty good. They each catch a few flies a day. Maybe yours is broken, does it zip?

I have 3,
I have noticed that
The mosquito is flying next to it,
Not to be attracted by his lights.
So it should be invalid.
If your things are effective,
Maybe I bought invalid brand.
I am using it to check the paper of money now.

This one is amazing quality but kinda expensive:

money of one cent is goods of one cent .

Hello @cloudblade thank you for using the realityhubs tag, this product is funny, you had me laughing at the end, its a pity how some of these instruments are not doing what they are proposed for, or maybe the mosquitoes are too clever to allow the light attract them. I'm not surprised though, these days even the rats in my area refuse to eat poison or step into the glue trap.

Thanks for sharing your opinion we look forward to your next post.

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