Minor Update: Cancel Unstake

in palnet •  3 years ago 

A quick update. Cancel Unstake should be rolled out to all SCOT Frontends, in case you need it.

It is done by issuing a custom json with the cancelUnstake operation in Steem Smart Contract API, documented here. To see the pending unstake operations, that can be found here.

Something that's slightly awkward about the functionality is that it right now simply finds the first unstake operation and cancels 1 at a time, so depending on how many unstake operations in flight, you may need to issue this multiple times. Let me know if there is any issue with that, but generally I suspect most would not have so many in a row, and if you are doing some fancy straddling of unstaking, you may want to do it slightly differently.

Anyway, that's all for now. Looking at some other things to add as well, stay tuned...

As usual, feel free to file issues or contribute here.

(Chose 5 random SCOT tags from those active. Wow, there are a lot now... )

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how many PAL do i need to upvote you one! just upvoted 100% and it didnt move lol

You have to wait about a minute or so while the scotbot processes the vote and updates accordingly. So it's a little difficult to see just what the impact is. It's an unfortunate limitation coming from powering it with a sidechain (probably some ways to speed up how fast it gets picked up though)

Good to know it's needed about a minute: thanks for the info!

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Hey @michealb,
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It is a good idea have some more refreshing tokens, LOL! 😁

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🙏 Thanks mate: you always give me a good example! 😜

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Thanks man! 😜

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Trying to max out on the earnings?

Well, I would tag them all if I could, since they are relevant. Or are you referring to something else?

Exactly that.

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Yup. I do like the different flavors of tokens.

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@eonwarped, It's great to see that so much is happening with SCOTBOT and definitely this Technology brought so much value to diversified communities.

Keep up the great work and stay blessed.

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This is really cool stuff! Do you know of an example of this out in the wild? Or a demo app? Thanks!

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This is referring to a specific frontend that's powered by Steem Engine tokens, for example, https://www.palnet.io

Awesome thank you! I’m a developer just trying to find ways to utilize Steem, so I appreciate the links.

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