Nitrous Update: Vote Estimates, Voting Breakdowns, Tag Limit

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Voting estimate and voting breakdowns have now been pushed out. Given that many tokens have settings different than linear, having the ability to estimate the vote value becomes very important because it is additionally dependent on the post that is being voted, rather than being a function of just your stake and voting power.

The high level of the changes as follows:

  1. Compute vote value estimate on the slider (Slider is enabled for everyone).
  2. Pending payouts are updated on load rather than just whenever the last vote was applied.
  3. When clicking on the list of voters, it tells you how much each vote contributed to the vote value of the post.
  4. (Bonus, thanks to @ayogom) Tag limit bumped to 10, from 5. Now applied to this post. However, tag edits may do not seem to work reliably, so beware. Just try it on new ones.

Some screenshots I snagged on mobile. The first is the upvote estimator.


Here's the downvote estimator:


And finally the vote breakdown:


Details that not many care about

In order to compute the vote estimate, I read the current data for the token's pending rshares (sum of pending reward curve post rshares) and author curve exponent.

Fetching this data required wiring up the call so that the fetch happens at the stage where the state is being fetched. Eventually this should probably be bundled together so it can happen in a single call to the Scot API, and these kinds of optimizations may need to happen to scale properly.

The formula for how much a vote with size rshares will give is given by

R(post_rshares + rshares) - R(post_rshares)


R(r) = r^(reward_exponent) * (reward_pool / pending_rshares)

Pending post rewards is also computed on the fly now with R(post_rshares)

In order to compute the voter breakdown, I processed the votes in vote order and applied the formula above. Keep a running total of rshares for all voters processed so far, and compute

R(rshares_so_far + current_vote_rshares) - R(rshares_so_far)

This works for both upvotes and downvotes.


There was a previous issue where every post had been marked with "edited" for some strange reason. That has been fixed but may still behave weirdly in some cases. There are still some things that are not ideal in how fetches are made, and that will be an ongoing improvement.


Anyway that's about it. Let me know if you notice anything weird with the computations or any slowness. Cheers!

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Wow! Everything worked just like they showed in the pictures!

That is super-nice.

cool! always good to know how much i'm going to downvote this post lol

Yeah it's probably overvalued. You might want to :D

@eonwarped. so with all these tokens linked, i read a sports token post about downvoting some of the trending page people as some players received more tokens then others etc. so i did - that then also deleted the persons actifit post steem and PAL upvotes which i felt wasn't fair so i reversed it. how is all this going to work? Down vote small with 1 token - kill someone with the other?

You probably want to delegate the staked tokens to different accounts to separate the effects. That's what I was planning to do with PAL but haven't done so yet.

what a pain in the arse. split up into more accounts. i want to combine all mine lol

I'm not sure what's going on but when I go to vote it is not showing any of that and I give an upvote but when I look at the value beside the votes it goes down with my vote - what's going on? Sorry I gave you an upvote and it dropped the value of your post - yikes!

That's a little bizarre. But that has nothing to do with your vote. Also when you first hit the button it takes a couple seconds and a refresh for it to reflect how much it did. It's a little weird that way. It also depends on how the other votes are being handled and it looks like that can jump up and down too. I do have to watch this closely though, it's still a little weird that it would drop a lot ...

Damn. Things are improving at a rate of knots. Amazing work. I mean that from the heart. .. @riverflows

These are some of the features I was hoping for. I know they are not 100% accurate etc. but it makes for voting and seeing those helping you with votes a bit better. I like a give/take relationship not a take and take some more :P

Great updates! You're the MVP :) when donations? 👀

Thanks! Donations are on my list of things but I'm not sure when I will get to it, as there are other big asks for making things just work more smoothly.

Is that why for a brief period the rewards on all posts on splintertalk were reduced by a factor of ten? Then got back to normal. Then reduced by half again before getting back to normal? I did think it was some kind of a glitch.

Hmm no that's not normal. I'll check on that specifically, could be a glitch with how I'm handling the precision. I'll double check. There used to be an issue with that but I should have fixed them.

Do I have to be excited because the screenshots you used were showing my reply to Aggroed hahahaha.

I also just noticed that we now see the value of sports each upvote now costs, great work there.

Great update. Is this only applicable on the palnet condenser or are other sites like sportstalk and splinterlands going to implement it too.?

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All the nitrous/condenser sites should have it, so yes.

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That is fantastic.. Looking forward to future developments.

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That's great! Now we have more control when we upvote posts. Thank you for sharing this.

Thats pretty cool! I noticed the vote estimates earlier today but I hadn't realized that there where vote breakdowns as well!


I reported the "edited" text issue here:

Good to know it's already fixed in general cases.

This is awesome. I am going to check it out now

Excellent work @eonwarped! This is going to be invaluable to the #sportstalk community over the coming days.

@patrickulrich can we buy sport tokens now or is price still wonky.

I'm not sure what will happen with the price to be honest. I do however know how I plan to move the network forward. You can read more on the plan to save SPORTS here -


Good work on fixing the issue with editing previous posts with #sportstalk. Will there be any action such as airdrops or downvotes to those who have exploited the system to balance the economics of SportsTalk.Social again?

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Sweet thats epic, provides great oversight, will this also be made available to front ends like steempeak which I see is really embracing tribes

BOOM - that just happened. :-)

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Great changes, great explanation. Well done.

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