Easy Way to Switch Between PalNet and Another Favorite Steem Interface You Use

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With the introduction with PalNet (and other interfaces with their own SCOT), it became useful to be able to switch between different interfaces, not because of different features, but because of different views of the rewards.

For example, on Palnet, you can see a post's rewards in PAL, but you are completely unaware about its rewards in SP and SBD. Or in other SCOTs, if it earns more than one.

And we are not talking necessarily about your own posts. You might be interested in the STEEM rewards of a post, to know what vote weight to use when curating.

One way to do that is to be on an interface, and to switch, write in the address bar the name of the other website, like this:

...and replace the selected text "www.palnet.io" with the other interface's URL, for example "steemit.com".

But doing it often enough makes it annoying, as @ausbitbank remarked, and he created a browser extension to do that with one click, which you can see in his post:

But what I found more neat was @anyx's solution, which he described in a comment to the above post. And I'm going to expand on that here.

Anyx proposed as a better alternative to create a bookmark with this content:

javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.palnet.io") ? "steemit.com" : "www.palnet.io") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

What does the one-line code above do?

If the website in the address bar of your browser is palnet.io, it goes to steemit.com when you click the bookmark button.
If the website in the address bar of your browser is steemit.com, it goes to palnet.io when you click the bookmark button.

Nothing more, nothing less. It acts like a switch between PalNet and Steemit.

You should add a title to this bookmark like "Switch Palnet - Steemit", to make it clear.

You prefer SteemPeak.com or Busy.org instead of Steemit.com? Nothing simpler:

You replace steemit.com with steempeak.com or with busy.org in the code above. I've done it for you.

Code for SteemPeak.com:

javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.palnet.io") ? "steempeak.com" : "www.palnet.io") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

Code for Busy.org:
javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.palnet.io") ? "busy.org" : "www.palnet.io") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

What if you want a switch for a different interface and SCOT?

Let's say SteemCoinPan.com and its SCT.

You will need a different bookmark for that, if you also need a switch for Palnet. Ausbitbank's browser extension might already handle multiple cases, if you don't want different bookmarks and are ok with installing another extension to your browser.

If you go with the bookmark option, you should call it something like 'Switch SteemCoinPan - Steemit' if you prefer Steemit as the other interface.

And the code, which you should put to the address of the bookmark, changes to

javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.steemcoinpan.com") ? "steemit.com" : "www.steemcoinpan.com") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

If instead you prefer SteemPeak, here's the code:
javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.steemcoinpan.com") ? "steempeak.com" : "www.steemcoinpan.com") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

And for Busy.org you should use
javascript:(function(){location.assign("http://" + ((location.hostname == "www.steemcoinpan.com") ? "busy.org" : "www.steemcoinpan.com") + ((location.pathname.split("/")[1].indexOf("@") == -1) ? location.pathname : ("/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1])))})();

There you go. The more such switches you need (Splintertalk anyone?), the more likely it is you will find the browser extension more useful than creating a handful of bookmarks for each one. But for one or two bookmarks, I think this is a cleaner way to do it.

I'm glad I found this little trick myself, I will certainly use it a lot. Hopefully you will find it useful, if you didn't know it already.

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