Why Is It Better to Post via Palnet.io Than Steemit.com Directly?

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Actually, with this post I'm conducting an experiment as well, because I'm not posting through the Palnet.io interface, but expect to receive PALcoin rewards nonetheless.

Or at least we will see if it works or not. If it works, people can keep posting using their favorite interface, while receiving PALcoins for their content (if they are upvoted on palnet.io by someone who has PALcoins staked up). Otherwise we will know that it only works if posted using palnet.io.

I write this post using SteemPeak, an interface I usually use for publishing my content. The only difference is that I will include the #palnet tag. That should be enough. Probably... But we will find out soon enough.

Now, I am aware palnet.io is at the beginning of its road, and the combination Steem Engine + SCOT + Scotbot + PALcoin + palnet.io is not perfect and needs improving (first proof of that being the halt of Scotbot for 10 hours last night).

It's interesting what will happen to the price of PALcoin after this initial dive, and after the airdrop. Compared to STEEM, which we earn on the base blockchain, PALcoin can't be liquidated into fiat or other crypto at the moment. It will stay in the Steem Engine environment, where sellers can eventually buy a different token, if they choose to. Is it possible to have a lower selling pressure because of that? Plus, nobody starts with a stake, and some may want to stake up. Who knows? Many of Steem-related tools are missing and there is no promise of future development, it remains to be seen.

What else can happen on the palnet.io interface?

If you have staked PALcoins (I bought 1 PAL and staked it up to experiment, before I earn more and before the airdrop), your curation also gives you PALcoins, along with the regular SP reward.

Also, your content is likely to be discovered easier than on Steemit.com or any other general-purpose Steem interface.

On Steemit.com there's a new post being published every few seconds. One of them is yours. If you publish on palnet.io and using the #palnet tag (or just the latter, that's what I'm trying to determine with this post), you will have to compete with other posts being published every couple minutes, or even few an hour.

These are way better odds to be seen by someone who watches the new posts feed.

It works a little like dTube in this regard, where video creators see content of other video creators much easier, than through the clutter on Steemit.com. Or with Actifit and their proof-of-activity posts displayed on their interface.

Except on Palnet.io, posts are not specific to a niche, the timing however favors early posters, before everyone starts using it, if they will. And that helps with regular rewards too, because let's face it, most people don't have PALcoins staked up right now, to make a difference with their votes in these rewards.

It is also something that I asked for, as a little help to small content creators, given the probable changes to the economic model on Steem with HF21.

We should give it - and other possible future alternatives - some thought! At this point, they are not asking for anything in return, other than a tag, and gives us potentially better exposure and additional rewards in the form of PALcoins.

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I've just seen 'claimdrop' of PALcoins is on! Read about it and go claim your tokens on Steem Engine. Be patient, it appears to take a while before they show up in your wallet due to high activity!

Thanks for the post @gadrian! I was just playing around with PALnet and claimed my coins...

I have also upvoted a few posts through palnet.io website, but I didn't see any movement in the numbers of PAL on that post... Maybe I have a small amount of staked PAL and that is the reason?

Another thing is that upvoting on palnet.io, your main VP drops, so... If you want to upvote, you have to calculate where do you have more "coins" staked (PAL or STEEM) and also, which one is worth more... So, it is getting interesting...

We will see how it goes in the future...


Yes, we will see what number of PAL coins are necessary to be staked for at least a 0.01 PAL upvote.

It doesn't matter where you post from, if you use the palnet tag. I found that out for sure. Also it doesn't matter where you vote from, you receive both SP curation rewards and PAL, if you have both SP and PALcoins staked.

Your vote will also drain both your VP on Steem and that on palnet.io, you can't drain only PAL VP, for example.

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yes we need more info about a lot of things... It's difficult to work without additional dApps... SteemNow, SteemWorld... but, it will come....

If palnet becomes popular, the developers of those tools might add support for PAL (and other tokens).

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yup... that's what I'm expecting too

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