wowowowowow!! Stake Over 435K Sports Token 終於超過43萬的體育幣 (Free Upvote for you on sports platform for reply "What reason made you join this organization?I")

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Because I want to earn more Sports Token and Steem. So, I am Stake more Sports Token reach 435K Token Today. Now I am on Top 3 of @sportstalksocial . This is an amazing moment for me. I joined Steem over 16 months.This is the first time I feel vanity like a whale.

I want to share this happiness to my friend on sports platform.

Everyone leave a message on comment area to share "What reason made you join this organization?I" I will give a 1000+ Sports Token upvote for you. ## --

(If I upvote to you, i also can earn curation.)


剛踏進 Sports 平台 Top 3,可以追貼頂層的兩位大鯨。這是一個積分追逐遊戲,整個過程,追得相當開心,竟然是這十六個月在 Steem 上,找不到的一份喜悅及虛榮感。 原來大鯨的虛榮感是這樣。實際上, 四十多萬的 Sports Token,其實只是二千多三千 Steem 左右。

我完全想不到,這一種大鯨的虛榮感,竟然是由 Sports 平台帶給我。好,繼續 Stake, 網絡點贊賺 Sports,再網絡 Stake。


只要在下面留言,「分享:為甚麼加入 Sports 平台?」 必定會得到 1000+ Sports 幣的 Upvote 點贊。


Remark 備註:

  • Becasuse i just saw @sportstalk last message it show that if someone upvote others on comment message. Must be a mainingful information or reply. So i change to a activity.

  • 因為 @sportstalk 剛推出一個訊息,是關於 Download 點贊,因為需要有內容的回覆,故我改了點贊內容。
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Well i joined sportstalk because i love sports especially football and another reason would it is a tribe that is most likely to succeed on steem

I joined sportstalksocial because I love sports and want to write about sports and psychology especially.



@hertz300 小Q 迎着海啸 带着娃 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



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You lose! 你输了!愿赌服输,请给我点赞~


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Congratulations @honoru.sports!
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  • 为了赚取旅费
  • 我非常的热爱体育运动
  • 喜欢写作

Congragulations on that achievement, I also just staked 200k!!

I joined here because I love sports and I was present and active here when the platform just launched!!


actifit自带 #sportstalk标签,所以每次用它发帖就相当于加入了体育平台


Awesome making top three if staked sports tokens 👍

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Cos I like to watch tennis matches, but I dont know much about other sports...

Awesome my friend. Steem is growing, many platforms are connected to Steem Blockchain. And SPORTSTALKSOCIAL is one of the best.

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actifit and seven77 just push it
steem ♨ On ! 💙

!shop ♬♬

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The reason is : who doesnt love the sports? - if i find one i will or i will my self.

I love sport, especially soccer and motogp... i love to hunt the products related to sports too..


The reason is : who doesnt love the sports? - if i find one i will or i will my self.

I love sport, especially soccer and motogp... i love to hunt the products related to sports too..

hmm sorry if double comments, i used marlians before, and its not showing in sportstalksocial OMG

I am a big fan of sports so i joined this platform

I joined sportstalksocial because I love sports especially tennis and badminton

Well, I am interested to know about sports and to meet like-minded people who share similar interests , and that's why joined this platform

I am interested to meet new people and grow my network

First of all, congrats on this great success :) :)

I joined sportstalksocial because I love sports

I love sports and meeting those who are interested in sports

Wow... This is awesome, as for me the reason i joined this platform is simply because am a sports fan, and i find it very comfortable posting here on countless occassion all for fun, than struggle to impress like in others.
Once avain congrates

I join sportstalk coz I am like walking to every place!

I have lots of sports related content.....the reason i joined is because it helps spread tokens to users you didn't know about or people only using sports related posts. The tribe incentive on steem engine is brilliant.