Steem-Engine Trojan??? Just Me or Does Anyone else see this?

in palnet •  3 years ago 

This isn't good!

I was browsing the site to see what new tokens are available and this popped up a the corner of my screen:

Ut Oh!

Is it my browser that's infected, or is this "vamosaway" trojan infecting other users? I've never heard of the website "vamosaway", I wouldn't visit the site.

I was wondering if I'm the only one getting this or if other people have seen this too?


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hey @ironshield - I have been on two different computers today, both using Chrome, and I have not seen any problems.

THAT's good to know. I wonder what's going on. Perhaps it's just my PC. Hmmm. I am using Firefox, maybe I should use BRAVE.

I would be curious if Brave acts differently.

Brave seems ok, maybe it's Firefox related.

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Are you sure it's related to steem-engine? Did you not have any other tabs open?

yeah i need to know if they are SURE this was from

im hoping its a mistake

if not MAYBE some images have trojans somehow, who knows, i douybt it., hbut isnt that how steem accounts like mughat were hacked from front end thru some image upload attack vector ? probly unrelated tho

Haven't Got the Trojan but will keep an eye.Thanks for sharing!!

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Let us know if you see anything funny.

when I visit the "Tokens" page on steem-engine I get a warning popup aswell, not for Trojan though.

What does the warning pop-up say? Is is malwarebytes, or another program?

Ummm I haven't read it before too carefully, and now I just told my computer to not notify me about that.

But it was something about pictures

it said that it automatically blocked some pictures on the site for my safety. (Some of the token logo's didn't show)

I haven't checked. Will when I'm off though

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Let us know. :-)

Will do

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Here is what I get tagging @aggroed and @ausbitbank !!

Hmm, I'm using firefox and it's showing a green lock "secured". I wonder why yours is not secure.

I have not seen that one before, good luck!

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Thank you!

This is scary

Alarming to say the least.

hi, any updates on this, a few are still having this issue that are new and trying to get on O.o

No. It only appears on my PC when I view tokens, never see it while in my wallet

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Install other antivirus.

My friend, beware of a "SPT Sheriff" that is downvoting all posts that use the tag #spt on articles not related to it.

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind

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