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23F425C1-1C30-41E6-9F65-D04BE8918F0B.jpegEarly ages maturity of people dose not like the passion of modeming they believed on that whose join this passion had gone their respect. Although we know this passion requires respect-less or shyness etc. Mostly in Pakistan’s culture it was considered as vulgar or disgusting, disrespectful etc. Very few peoples were interested in this passion. But along the time passes the generation is also changed with very different interests burn with. Now in few years this passion have gain a lot of respect and known as in good passions also who worked for this passion have huge respect or famous. Its a human nature when circumstances have like something you will definitely likes that thing very few people do not agree with other but maturity matters. Now in Pakistan peoples have opened as shop with different names but their aim is to just make money. Let me tell you their terminology, they open a shop with name of modeling agency and also created a social network, they have actually very few resources of modeling but they ask other youngsters to sign up with them. Firstly they charges them as first shoot or portfolio about 300$ and when they paid them they made a disgusting portfolios and tried to convince them you looks very hot or something like that. And then they asked them to gay or compensate them but some refused and some accepts them. But the point is both are at the same place where they before. And they fucking makers don’t care about it where you were before and where you now they just fucking make money...

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