Pride of the Wealthy in Splinterlands

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What are you heading for?

When I see the tournament list like this, I'm getting really angry.

The whole Steem network is confessing themselves to the task of expanding the network and onboarding new members. Or are they?

Even I as a very small fish, really am eager to be part of that plan.
For me that means:

  • Spreading the Word
  • Giving helpful advice to newbies
  • taking part in the discussions in old school social Media
  • talking the others in real life (businesses and private people)
  • be positive and understanding in discord chats if there's a problem
  • Explore for smaller Posts to engage
    ... you see where this is going. The focus has to be set the right way.

Alone in last 2 Weeks we had, @Exyle on Exhibitions and on local Radio twice! Lot's of TASK (@heimindanger) Token spent on Twitter, Youtube and Reddit to post about Steem related topics and constantly new options to instant create Steem accounts and big articles talking about the 'Light Account' ideas. It is mesmerizing, WE HAVE A COMMON GOAL, A MISSION That is the right way! But not everyone is on that track, well...

...look at that:

20190817 16_51_37Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

The Wealthy and Rich pumping thousands of Dollars into celebrating their own little elite FightClub. 0 small tournaments for nearly 24Hours.

Better think twice!

This is how I feel looking at that:

It's great for them and I love that Splinterlands is making that possible, but it is also extremely disgusting! It makes me genuinely angry.

If you still behave like that, while talking like someone who really wants to be part of the Steem expansion mission, it is hypocritical.

Splinterland outside of Steem
Splinterlands is carried by the users of the Steem network and is not making big new outside of it. Fire up the search engines yourself, you'll be as disappointed as I am. The big crypto news outlets cover Splinterlands very minor and unpromising, especially compared to other games in the same genre.

There are 2500 active Players on Splinterlands this season finale. Guess how many cat pictures out there have 100-Times more real comments or 1.000-Times more attention every day.

The real Danger
This would be a good time for the community to start acting in active recruiting, support new players and constantly increase the positive experience for all smaller player. In the end, you'd secure your own investment, because by now it is obvious - the health of the ecosystem is constantly shifting towards the decision making of just a few players and is not secured by a large amount of small- and middle class of player accounts.

Imagine one or two top guilds would realize next week, that Gods Unchained or a random other Blockchain Trading Card Game has significantly better revenue and they start selling off. League of Legends is a good example for a Game that survives any competition by having a strong 'noob' player base. HotS a good one in the other direction. It always had a strong elite and lots of Streamers and very too few minor Player, jet it failed all its expectations even with Blizzard Activision in their back.

But Manni you angry fool, what do you really wanna say?
I've been thinking about buying deeper into the game with some FIAT deposits these days. But I won't and I can't recommend it to anyone else. The Cards are extremely overpriced due to the elite player fraction and the market value has lost contact with the player base.

Not all HOPE is lost
Just to name two of them. There are lot's of more positiv outstandings.

  1. There is @monstermadness giving out smaller free cards

2. @zaku having the low-level @neoxian tournamentevery evening 20:00 CET
20190817 17_35_22Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.pngAs well as lots of the members' slots of the Neoxian Guild in Splinterlands were just free to join slots, to mix in small Player. That came with a price and they paid it.

Cheers to the great, who do understand the concept of power and still act as a role model.

Maybe you feel the same, maybe I'm just angry for no reason - let me know.
I'll reward your opinion with a Task coin.


I'll add the '#ass' Tag to this one, guess that is fair play.

Have nice Weekend, Manni

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I understand your point of view and to be honest, at some point I was considering entering the game. However, due to the needed large initial investment (time and money), I decided not to join it. I will try to keep my focus on my favorite photographic passion ;)

I hope this all goes into the optimistic direction! Cheer :)

Yes it is an investment game after all. You've got some great posts on your blog.

Thank you! :)


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Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Great submission from you! As for splinterlands I must say is too complicated for me, I know many are making some cool token from the game but I try to understand it but not entering my brain! I have some cards just don't know what to do with them!

I see what you mean, the game itself could use a good Tutorial :) Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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fun to listen to

Kudos for sharing your opinion.
I have seen this situation several times in different games, communities (especially browser games from 2010 era).
And it mostly doesn't go too well only setting scope to cater to whales/elite, and totally forgetting about new players.

In regards to this post, I have already seen a fair amount of silver palyers ranting on never being able to compete without investing 100's of dollars. Atleast give them some REAL silver league tourneys, where alt-accounts are forbidden and no one with a higher ranking (or ever having achieved a higher rating than for example 1k) will not be allowed to participate.

To be honest, I share your concerns and think this community needs to wake up. As anyone would profit from a long-lasting economy and an INFLUX OF REAL PLAYERS (4k players, is a joke when 40% of that are the 2nd or 3rd alt account of a champion I player), especially the elitist plyers with decks between 10-100k.

See what and how fast bad things can happen in this space (Drugwars). Once a certain palyerbase is missing, you will not recover them.

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Thank you for your FeedBack. It is hard to believe, that a critical and unlikable article can get range on a platform where likes determine your actual reach. But, it is possible - I hope!

Yes @manniman you are right, I agree with your opinion


I haven't played Splinterlands yet but I'm sure I'll get in, and as I hope to be great to everyone, I think the key is to grow the account, as in everything.

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I find people I talk to are skeptical of crypto and new social media platforms, they only use facebook and don't bother with the other stuff like instagram etc.

That's a certain generation of adults, don't bother to change them - it won't happen

Completing my first task, thanks for the opportunity :)

ur welcome, you don't play Splinterlands?

Yeah it seems most things are geared towards the top dogs and us little guys only get the scraps. Best way to fix that though is to grow your account.

The top dogs make so much DEC and card rewards that they use their power to drive multiple accounts and drive card prices synthetically upwards.

Always the big fish swallows the smallest. When referring to a gambling game, I think people see more for their winnings than for the common good.
We must recognize that there are people who help those who are starting, the purpose of them is to become a few followers who will only bring more profit over time.
Playing is fun, so I think that you have to know how to distribute the investment well, trying to take into account all the participants so that the game can be kept up to date. Thank you.

No Problem with big fish in the seas, but they are problematic in your pool.

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The graphics looks awesome

thank you :))

I agree with you. But even free entry tournaments are not balanced in dueling distribution. When I participated, I fought someone who was in the Gold League and I was eliminated in the first round (2-0 for him).

I played 6 tourneys until I won a first round xE

I agree with you too @manniman, I also believe that balance should be imposed. I hope newbies like me in the field could hopefully join this too. I am afraid since I think that we need to invest a large amount to succeed here. Thanks for sharing your opinion to us.

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Sometimes in life, balance is the most important thing. I could think of a few balance changes that I would implement into the game right away. By that, I don't mean disturbing the flow and the investment ideas, but making balance a real thing and creating a fair play experience.

  • drastically lower the costs for the creation of smaller tournaments
  • add starter boosts (more dec and special events) for real newbies
  • restrict card levels in ladder games intelligent from game to game
  • ban all none default summoner below diamond league
  • implement training mode with matchmaking
  • offer a second starterpack that is actually competitive
  • offer incentives for daily activities
  • give players the ability to decline ladder progression
  • maybe make boosters 100€ each and put only 2 cards in, that would be great!

These things would already erase so many hurdles!

interesting i'm looking forward to seeing this game on playstore

Playstore the worst place on earth for games which are not free2play and advertisement is completely unpayable. What do you expect?

that's bad i didn't know
I'm not familiar with current play store policies

Tha Playstore is goldmine for google

Thanks for your Opinion. I Agree with you ........

Do you play Splinterlands? Can't see your deck on SteamMonsters marketplace.

maybe the view is bugged..


That's a little short, you might wanna actually do the task. Hope you don't get jailed :(

Maybe they need to add entry restrictions based on our season rank

that would also be a measure, you played some?

Few. Lost all of them in first round.

same as me :D

Tomorrow is decent, why not every day like that?
20190818 19_26_11Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

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Like it


I look forward to try this platform too @manniman, is there some capital or amount that I need to save first?

not really, you buy the TASK you want to spend on Steem-Engine and then you're good 2 go.

What would you like to do with it?

I agree, the number of users must be increased. The task belongs to everyone.


Friend, I didn't receive my token task.
That will be due?

I am not playing game but completing my task, thanks.

and done, thx

I appreciate your opinion bro! I'm a small fish myself and that side definitely needs to be paid to attention to for the longevity of the game.

Our accounts have kinda the same size at the moment :))
What league are you playing in? Did you see my last D.Tube Video?

Mannn i just seen this reply. Right now Im only bronze 1 since the bump down from silver after the new league started. Trying to slow grind.
And no I haven't seen the vid...whats the link?

well its a new game for me . at first i need to understand this and play this game . and thanks for this

I'm perfectly agree with you

Excellent, goog luck!

Yes, you are right, we are all part of this plan, but as with everything there has always been the difference of big and small investors as well as time and money, support or idea the game "League of Legends", excellent boy gave a good opinion!

I haven't played yet, but I do own some cards. Once I have sometime I intend to learn how the game is played.

With regard to the elitist tournaments, I don't know if it is possible to change that. It is the same problem Steemit has how do you get people to change their behavior? I think what we need to do is support others who are helping out the little guy grow their account.

Be a role model, not a lift.
None should support particular newbies in order to grow the network. You can do that if you want, but it is generally dangerous and not very sensical. Get invested and give people power over you and they will abuse it. It's a dangerous thing to do. The better option is always to strengthen urself and also shape the environment the right way for others.

Splinterlands kindergarten
The System, in general, should be filled with more newcomer-friendly stuff. It should be helpful in raising a new player. The way a kindergarten is filled with child-friendly equipment and the kids can learn to play alone.

I wasn't necessarily suggesting that we support individuals to help them grow. You mentioned in the post that @monstermadness and @zaku were doing things support new players. Their efforts can be supported or adopted by others.

As I stated, I have yet to play the game, I agree that friendly stuff should be part of any system that wants to bring in new users.

But we don't see that. The biggest players should make ~20k DEC (100Steem) every single day... I wonder how long a system that has grown so fast can sustain stable... if the player base is not growing significantly.

I understand that without new players the system may not be sustainable. It may take the learning from the realization that it no longer works to create change. Also, the beauty of the blockchain is that someone may step in and create a similar game, but from the get-go prevent it from being an elitist game.

Well, it's the big players who give the developers most money....

Actually I don't have any Idea about SteemMonster etc...!

I do not participate in tournaments - they created too many rules