STEEM is alive! Price is unimpressed!

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before we start: check the @DTube update, they had to reschedule the DTC Token sales:

Welcome back to HF22 for the second time!?

It's already been five days ago, that HF21 had to be emergency switched to HF22.
This was the official Post:

In the beginning, everything felt smooth for the users, but creating new Blocks was a problem for the Witnesses and therefore some downtime was about to be expected. I don't know if yesterday will stay the only downtime or if the core systems will have to pause again. But I know, it was the first time that the chain was down since I'm back in the Steem universe.

So, I was wondering a lot, what might happen now.

  1. Will the community get information about the progress anyhow?
  2. Will the Steem price drop hard?
  3. How will the STEEM based games react?


1. Will the community get information about the progress anyhow?

Problem management was made in closed groups and I couldn't find estimations or prognoses anywhere. I could get some small pieces of information in discord, but a lot of people seemed to be annoyed that I even ask, even if it was just in open chats and general rooms - no way anyone could call me intrusive.

One might think now, in a critical situation and with a small team of highly important people to fulfill the emergency tasks, there are better things to do than making update announcements. Well, I won't dig deeper here - but I think that is wrong.

We all know in 2019.... but communication must not fail on top.

I had a really hard time getting information! Maybe it was different for you?

What I could find on my own was this Tweet:
20190903 15_40_11steemit steemit _ Twitter.png

And I checked the Steemblockexplorer
--> Steemblockexplorer

2. Will the Steem price drop hard?

Well meanwhile USD/Steem did not, but the BTC/Steem price might indicate a trend. It may be too early to tell today, but I can tell you this much already. I need to buy some more STEEM this week (~350) and I will wait until next.

20190903 14_45_29Steem STEEM Preis, Charts, Marktkapitalisierung und andere Messgrößen _ CoinMa.png

3. How will the STEEM based games react?


NextColony stayed online, the website was available all the time. I wasn't able to initiate any actions, but since I'm still getting farmed... Well, also the attacks didn't stop, even while I couldn't interact with the game - that felt very bad.

20190903 16_05_16Missions.png


DrugWars seems to be very independent. Other then some forced Re-Logins, it was merely not impacted. I was able to train units, do jobs and make upgrades. Actually this was to be expected, since they switched BlockChain more than once, but still, it has its upsides and downsides. Furthermore, I guess the Steem-Engine was at least somehow functional and could still handle DWD transactions.


Splinterlands changed to maintenance mode very early. My guess would be, that a lot of people had only realized that something was really broken, only because Splinterlands went on Maintainance for so long.

In the end, I was really lucky to be online when Splinterlands finally went productive again! It was amazing! The DEC rewards per Match skyrocketed to x3-Times for a short period of time - very very nice! So next time, you know what's up :))

Finally, it is great to be online again,


to everyone who did work his ass off the last 24 hours!

In the old days, people used to say:

Do good and good will come to you.

I'd rather advise you to do what Steve Jobs used to say:

Do good and then go tell everyone.

Best Regards Manni!

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their information management is godawful, one tweet in the whole time. it's like amateur hour at steemit...

As if none would care! Is the company busy with other projects already maybe...

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