Diversification In a VIBRANT Steem Economy!

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When I arrived on the Steem scene, just a mere two years ago, there were only two tradable assets in the Steem ecosystem- Steem and SBD. Many chose to "Power Up" their Steem (with the promise of earning more of these tokens,) while other's bought and sold the coins as speculative investments. The Steem economy was stale, broken, and kinda boring.

It seemed like Steem was withering away, becoming a home for only the hardcore believers of the platform. Then something magical happened! And that magical surprise, came in the form of steem-engine.com

Created by @aggroed, @yabapmatt, & @harpagon, Steem-engine.com is a "smart contracts side-chain platform for the Steem blockchain," which allows custom token creation, and much more . A couple other really cool features are the "pegged" currencies and the ability to create "communities." I will discuss custom tokens, "pegged" assets, and "communities below:


Nowadays, anyone can create a custom token in this beautiful Steem ecosystem. All one needs to do is burn some ENG tokens, and ta-da, you are the owner of your very own custom token. The token can be made to STAKE or maybe even DELEGATE- it is totally up to you!

Pegged Currencies

Pegged assets are a great way to diversify into other crypto assets will remaining within the Steem ecosystem! Pegged assets are currently limited to Steem, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Crypto Peso, ANX, Dogecoin, & Bitcoin Cash (with assumingly more to come!)


But, perhaps the most exciting thing happening with Steem today are the creation of "communities." Active members have the opportunity to earn the community token, in addition to their regular Steem rewards. How cool is that!?

There is a brand new community, called @steem.leo that this post might be approrpriate for...

But, even though Steem Engine is the newest, biggest, & most exciting thing to ever happen to Steem (IMO,) there are other, more "traditional" ways to diversify your Steem Assets. The ones that come to mind are @steemonsters, delegations, and using RC's to create account tickets:


We all know and love this awesome game! And just by playing, you're building Steem assets! You're rewarded with cards and their own custom token, DEC! Exchange them for a @steemmonsters' upvote! Sweet! Steem Monsters even has their very own community, splintertalk.io.


Good ol' delegation! It seems as if it has been around forever. Find a project you believe in and delegate to them. You'll probably receive some Steem in return.

Mining Resource Credits

This one is realativley new to me. HF20 created these things call RCs, that can be 'mined" to create "account tickets." I assume that in the future, there will be a market for these! Currently, an account needs about 4-5K SP to mine one ticket approximatly every 5 days.

*I use steemworld.org to do this, and I currently have 46 "account tickets!"


We have all heard that diversification is key in the financial world, and Steem is no different. The Steem economy is so fluid and robust, we must adapt to the ever changing economy. Adaptation through diversification. Rebalance! Flow!

This is the #newsteem!!!!!

This is my diverification model and is not exshaustive. This is just a random post-make your own mind about your investments.
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Not financial advice, not legal advice, not even advice.

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