Weekly round XI || Resteem + Giveaway

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Peace Steemians,

Welcome our program of free resteem for new users on steem blockchain.
Your giveaway program is not only about visibility of your post but also mentorship. Steemians with low RC can learn in chat section of @partiko. It will spare their RC and offer possibilities interact with more steem users.

The round Number 10 of our free Resteem and Upvote giveaway was completed with success.
We would like to thanks all the members that have participated in the previous round.


The requirements are:

  • The post must be written with partiko app
  • The account must have less than 100 Steem Power in total
  • Posting date less than 7 days from the selection time.
  • The post must be illustrated with sources and the account owner had a picture or avatar
  • Post with no referrals links
  • Each account should comment ONE post link PER DAY below for resteem
  • A weekly bonus of 100% upvote will go to the Best participants
  • Each post respecting the requirement will be resteem

How to participate

  • The steemian must register in partiko app
  • Share your post URL in the comment section below ONLY ONE partiko post a day
  • Each week the best participant will receive $0.03 Worth Upvote on his latest post

Please be original ! If not your post will not be resteemed.


You can help me by temporary delegating a customized amount of SP that suits you through this steemconnect related link :


Your contribution will really go toward the mentorship and upvote giveaway of the new users on steem.


Upvote, follow, resteem of this post is completely optional


Plankton mentorship is made possible with partiko chat section allowing all steemians using this app to exchange. Also, It will spare your account RC while learning great tips to better perform on steem blockchain.
We would like to thanks all the participants and the future awards.

Thanks for stopping by



Participants are invited to post link in comment section.
Warm regards

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