CRYPTO SWORD & MAGIC: A Decentralized Traditional Role-Playing Game

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This particular game I want to talk about is a new and advanced version of the popular Facebook RGP game known as “Sword and Magic”. New and advanced in the sense that blockchain is incorporated into that same popular Facebook RPG game which has a fan of more than 700,000 users who played it monthly, to implement the creation of a completely new and advanced game based on the EOS blockchain. As far as am concerned, I think this particular game is the first blockbuster game built on the EOS blockchain.


What is Crypto Sword & Magic?

Crypto Sword & Magic is a decentralized traditional role-playing game that is built on the EOS blockchain, and which as a result stores the data for all equipments, pets and heroes also on the EOS blockchain, and the defined concelt and principles of the game operate mainly on a smart contract. The simplicity of the game is that it dwells indirectly on the raising of heroes and challenging of dungeons that are new. The most interesting thing about this game is that you dont always have to be directly involved in playing the game, your character can be hired as mercenary to play with others.

You want to know more about Crypto Sword & Magic? Then let’s get going by discussing the following character!

  • The Heroes

There is need for every one playing the Crypto Sword & Magic game to make their choice of becoming either an archer, sorcerer or a warrior. There is a unique skill tree and items attached or tied to each class and you can decide to dump your current class for another class as your level advances. As a player, It’s of utmost important that you make the right choice of hero simply because one of the factors that determines your game is the connection and interaction that exist between different classes. Note that heroes work hand in hand to go into battle with monsters.


  • The Battles

You get to claim your prize when you defeat monsters on the field at every level. A turn-based battle, that give a significant and interesting details about the strenght of each heroes, is automatically opened anytime you engage in a sudden and violent clash with a monster. There are some hidden items you get to win while on a dark field, but don’t try to cross the lane of the boss monster. Do not be reluctant to take on the infinite dungeon as you get to earn rewards that is even bigger. Win more fights, beat more monsters and earn more!

  • The Mercenaries

Just as I said earlier, Crypto Sword & Magic has a new mercenary system in place for their players. To start a strong 4-person party bout, you will certainly need three mercenaries in addition to your character. You as a player has the freedom to register your hero as a mercenary, and each and every of your hero can be hired to work for other parties as a mercenary. spoils for each battle is divided depending on the gravity of what the player and the mercenary have given or offered in that battle. If your hero is good enough, then your hero can still earn spoils from battles even while you as as a player is resting.

  • The Equipment

There are a number of different weapons, defense armor and accessories to choose from. The equipments are of different classes and they serve different purpose in relation to their respective features. However, all of these equipments owned and traded by users are registered as tokens that cannot be exchanged on the EOS blockchain. Your equipments can be upgraded upto level 50, and the higher the level, the mkre powerful the equipment is. You can also make your equipments more powerful through something called enhancement. You can make profits by selling equipments at good price to other users who need them. The rarity of equipments can be grouped into Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You get one piece of equipment for free when you synthezise 5 equipment items.


Introduction to the Item Options of ‘Crypto Sword & Magic

Basically, Items are very crucial components of the totality of player experiences during the adventure of Crypto Sword & Magic. There is a massive number of 300 items and even more combination that can be included in this items on its arrival. These outstanding options go a long way to enhance the abilities of your characters, as well as their magical characteristics or quality such as status effect, elemental forces and much more.

Presale and Airdrop Event

The pre-sale offer guaranteed packages that allow you to choose the rarity on your equipment. The package is available through pre-sale only! Additionally, equipment bought through pre-sale has special, limited edition effects. To know more about the Presale and Airdrop Event, Check here.

All Images were extracted from the resources of Crypto Sword & Magic. Thanks for stopping by!

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