Meet "TRONbet": The world’s first e-gaming platform built on top of the TRON network

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What is TRONbet?

TRONbet is the world’s first e-gaming platform built on top of the TRON network, that offers trustless, permission-less and high-perfromance services to its users. TRONbet is a decetralized Dapp platform capitalizing on the experience they have in providing users with thrilling games and the great skills and knowledge they possess in blockchain technology to provide their users with decent sign-ups, trustworthy house edges, and excellent player experience. Their three essential principles are fairness, transparency and wealth distribution.


The developers of Dapp will be given the opportunity to make use of tools provided by TRONbet in the TRONbet ecosystem. TRONbet is ready to give developers all the support needed for them to develop a premium Dapp, which will be accessible to all users in a secure amd safe manner directly from the portal of TRONbet.

The TRONbet platform have a native built-in token called the ANTE token which can be mined just by playing TRONbet, and used in the redistribution of wealth to those promoting the platfrom in one way or the other. The holders of ANTE token will get a proportional amount of the token out of all the 100% earned from gamers after they are redistributed.


The Following Support will be included in TRONbet Ecosystem

  • SCAN/Profile: The users of TRONbet platform will have the opportunity to check through all transactions, dividends, amount of TRC20 tokens, and other things that happens on the blockchain due to the launch of SCAN on the platform of TRONbet. An improvement will be brought upon this so that it can support all Dapps leveraging the TRONbet platform.

  • Exchange: TRONbet has an exchange that provide users with the opportunity to freely trade tokens that the new TRONbet platform support in a simple and efficient manner.

  • Wallet: The team of TRONbet has also developed and designed a wallet on the TRONbet platform that can be used across all Dapps that the platform give their full support to.

  • Mobile APP: The users of TRONbet will be able to access the platform right from their mobile devices and get all the thrilling experience as much as they would on desktop. Isn’t that interesting? Of course it is.

  • Dev Portal: Developers joining the TRONbet ecosystem have the opportunity to register as a developer, make a submission for proposing their Dapps, and all necessary API information that will help a smooth transition of the developers to connect with the ecosystem will not be left out.

  • TRONbet Platform Forum: This is an Ecosystem dapp which gives users an open channel to source for relevant information, suggestion and feedback to keep them up-to date. This also create an healthy environment for both the community and developers to get in touch. They will also include a friend system, new chat system, chat rooms, gift system and even much more that will help build the social functions.


How does it Work?

  • For Developers: Developers will be able to gain access to a set of tools and APIs to interact with on the TRONbet paltform. This will definitely be of great assitance to them in leveraging the TRON blockchain in a simple and secure way.

  • For ANTE Holders: The holders of ANTE are the back bone of the TRONbet platform. A portion of the mining pool and dividend pool redistributed to the holders of ANTE will be shared among each Dapps that is connected to the TRONbet platform. The holders of ANTE also get rewarded just for holding ANTE.

  • For Everyday Consumers: The consumers of Dapps will get rewarded by TRONbet just for using and providing support to Dapps on the TRONbet platform. Consumers will also be able to mine specific TRC20 tokens belonging to each Dapp alongside ANTE token and get rewarded for also holding any TRC20 tokens. Note that all tokens will be listed on TRONbet Exchange.

  • For Advertisers: There is a plan to make changes to the design and functions of the TRONbet platform, so as to include advertising options making use of a Cost per Milli or per banner/time basis. Advertisers will be able leverage the platform to promote their works. All revenue generated from advertising will be transparently and fairly TRONbetredistributed to all ANTE holders.

In conclusion, TRONbet is one of the newest game build on top of the TRON blockchain and its ecosystem also provide full support for Partner Dapps, In-house Dapps and TRONbet Audit.

Note that all images used are gotten and extracted from the various resources and websites of the respective projects.

Thanks for reading!

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I have heard of the TRON blockchain but never fully understood how it was being used. Thank you for sharing this information.

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