The advent of Steem Tribe: The answer to Mass adoption for Steemit?

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It was a very busy day for me today. Busy and boring at the same time. I was home throughout trying to leverage quite a good number of the steem tribe.

There has been quite a good number of Steem tribe coming up the past few weeks on the Steem Blockchain. I think I need to mention few of them that I am leveraging already. They include Palnet, Neoxian, Sportstalksocial, Steemace, Lassecash, Steemcoinpan, Steemleo, and the newly released Marlians. All of these platforms' token alongide others I couldn't mention are currently trading on Steem-Engine.

Left to me, I think this can be the answer to mass adoption for steemit. The reason being that most of the people that have left steemit for long are now coming back home since the advent of Steem Tribe. I believe this will sure drive some other new users to the platform as well and the number of active users will sure grow in size as time goes on.

What is your say on this. I will sure like to hear from you all.

Steem to the moon

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Use sportstalksocial