Who doesn't Love Art? - Get creative with Creativecoin

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Who doesn't love arts? I believe we all love arts. If not all, we love one or more of it. As a matter of fact, I believe we all engage in one or more art practices just that we might not be aware of that ourselves. Probably you don't know singing is a kind of art practice? Do you also have an idea that taking photographs is also an act of practicing art? Well if you don't know, then you know now. This is exactly the opportunity the new Creative Coin Platform is planning to leverage and thrive on.


I want to believe it is no more news to many people that new Steem Tribe keep showing face on the Steem Blockchain for the past few weeks and am loving it that way. Here is another one called Creative Coin which can be accessed and leveraged @ Creative Coin.

The frontend of the platform just came up and staking is already allowed. I guess this particular platform is based mainly on accepting art related articles and contents. This is sure a good news and an excellent platform for all artists including but not limited to musicians, sculpturers, videographers, photographers, geeks and all other kind of artists you can think of.

They will be airdropping some of their tokens to their users and subsequently to long term users just to shun off dumpers who don't have the love of the platform at heart. Personally, I love this idea.

Everyone is an artist.... Creative Coin is for Everyone

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An interesting project,

but this doesn't really belong in the #steemace section as it is only meant for publishing gaming related content.

Yeah I know. But it is an opportunity that needs to be known by people on Steemace as well. So I don't think it's wrong using that tag.

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Your post is well written and I agree that everyone should know about creative coin, but #steemace is for gaming content alone. If people want to find out about new coins and projects they can always visit Steemit, Steemleo or other matching sites. Users on our site are here for the gaming content and nothing else. Thank you for your understanding and for spreading the word about these opportunites.

So sorry about that. But at least y9u should even give a warning first before giving a downvote. What if I was ignorance of this? This is not fair enough. At least you should consider that this is the first mistake am doing here.

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You only use tags that are valid, else you will miss votes on all cos all the voting powers are tied. For instance #sportstalk isnt a valid tag here.

Thank you for your presence on here. The pool will go down as more users stake but this isn't established yet. We will analyze the first 7 days and see how it is and determine if to increase the token emission. We want to make it a home here, so it won't all be able financial earn but 'a variety of rewards'. it is a gradual process. We have added marlians.sports so that we can supports sports post on marlians too. You get some marlians and sports as a result. Then we will have for #spt, #aaa, #pal #steemleo and more as well as manage to get more voting power on the aforementioned platforms and share as much as possible. Stay awesome.