Elbow Strike For Self Defense

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How are you doing?

If you learn martial arts, you will be trained on how to defend and attack against different strikes. A martial artist does not want to hurt other people because he/she knows it very well how pain feels like.

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When your life is in danger, you can use your body as a weapon to defend yourself. You can punch, kick, palm strike, knee charge and so on. One of the most effective things you can do is to elbow strike.

You can hit your opponent with your elbow. It could be very dangerous for your opponent if you can use it properly.

First of all, practice basic elbow strike. There are different variations of elbow strike and you can use it to attack in a little different way.

So you know that elbow strike is very effective and you spend some time practicing elbow strike. Now you think you can go and do elbow strike right away. Wait a second. To make any move and if you want to make it work for you, you have to understand about distance.

When you are in a close range, you can do elbow strike. If you get closer to your opponent, don't think he/she will sit there doing nothing. He/she can attack you with kick or punch. So before elbow strike, you can get hit.

Or, your opponent can block your elbow strike and counter-attack. You should know what to do in that situation and do elbow strike in a different way.

Elbow strike does not have to be always on the face. You can strike on arms, shoulder, back or chest. You can do elbow strike first, then move on to strike second in a different part of the body.

Whatever you do for self defense, make you sure you do not lose balance. While doing elbow strike, don't lean too much. If you do that, you cannot generate power, and you can lose your balance. Your opponent will get a chance to attack you. So always keep your balance.

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it is very important to know how to manage panic ... one must have the lucidity to think

You're right, my friend. If you get nervous and have a panic attack, it becomes difficult to think clearly that time and make your move. It is always recommended to use technique or strike that is direct, effective and easy to remember.

Thank you @giornalista for your feedback. Really appreciate that!

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