Exercise - Does It Feel Comfortable?

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Do you find any person who does not want to stay healthy and fit?

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. Sometimes we get sick, we know how it feels that time. Then we only wish to get better soon.

If you go to the hospital or therapy center, you will see many people are suffering from health issues. It feels bad when you see other people suffering. You want everyone to stay healthy and fit.

Your body has a direct impact on your mind. To have a sound body and mind, physical fitness is a must.

Does exercise feel comfortable?

Maybe you do not feel comfortable doing exercise. Why? Maybe once you tried to do exercise, you did not like it that much, but still did exercise that day. And the next day you felt pain. No one likes pain. That might be your reason not to do exercise.

Well, when you do exercise for the first time, it is okay to feel little pain the next day. You have to move your body in a certain way to perform each exercise. You are not used to doing exercise before. If you continue doing exercise ignoring the pain, you will not feel the pain anymore.

When you realize the benefits of doing exercise, you will love to take little pain and continue doing the workout. How you see everything, that is very important.

Love Carrots.jpg

I did not like carrots that much when I was a kid. One day an uncle said, carrots have a lot of vitamins. If people know how good carrots are for their health, they will surely eat carrots. After that day, I love carrots. :)

It is the shift in your mindset of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and doing exercise are the most important things if you want to stay healthy, fit and happy.

So do you like to exercise?

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Take care. See you around!

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Exercise is always Exercise .Like friday night we come to make the Exercise of our mouth.Its depands on all part of our body.

Exercise of mouth..lol...
I know what you mean.

Ha ha ha....lol too

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