Splinterlands Card Giveaway Win A Rare Rewards Card

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Time to giveaway another card don't have a winner to show yet as I just started this week of giveaways. I hope to get good cards to giveaway soon.

This is also a giveaway so hope you want this card. I will be using this tool to pick the winner. https://pick.esteem.ws/ so please only one comment. All you need to do is make any comment and you have a chance to win. The @contestkings have this rule. "No Upvote, No Follow, and No Resteem needed to join the giveaway." So that is not needed to enter but thank you if you do. I will send the card out after the payout.

Skeletal Warrior
2019-07-25 23_33_28-Window.png

What do you think of all the new tokens. What is the best one you think? Right now I thin kit is SPT or palnet.

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Battle net seems interesting too ;)
And that Skeletal is begging you to be adopted by me ;)

I like creativecoin

Long live the Skeletal Warrior!!!

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I like boom token, 2% auto destruction on every transaction.

thanks for the giveaway. i dont really know lol. im only in steem because of steem monsters.

It's cool, but there are so many tokens that it's hard to keep up with, now reading the answers I got interested in reativecoin that I didn't know

All the tokens have their own worth! Competition is always positive and let you perform better.

Palnet is the best

SPORTS token

spt looks good. But I expect to see drugwars dollars.

Thank you for the giveaway!
#spt #palnet #sct #battle #sportstalk #steemleo

I like creativecoin

all tokens

I love all tokens