Master the single-leg squat to attain body stamina.

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I know you have heard or done some exercises invoving squats. The Squat exercise is a very good stimulator for better results in fitness.
This is one of the very few exercises that targets every lower body muscle.
The squat becomes even more effective when a weight is added whether on your traps or holding and raising some dumbells while doing some.

Want to do a single leg squat? check out video.

But there is even a more interesting exercise, the single-leg squat. Basically what what you do as you have guessed already is you do a squat but with one leg.
I will tell you that this exercise is harder than the usual squats even with weights. Not so many people can do a single leg squat, yes you have fit enough to do the usual squats.

And this squat is good mostly for balance and gettind rid of chicken legs. Every fit person needs a good pair of wheels for stamina and the single leg squat gives you just that.
Go ahead, give it a shot.
The rewards are amazing.

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