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STEEM is about real business opportunities that the masses can participate in!

I'm going to take a second to promote BUZZi, because its exactly the kind of dApps we need here on STEEM.

Business-oriented, real-world applications that can be adopted by the mainstream audience.

Oh that's right! STEEM actually is more than just a place to speculate and troll. It's actually a very useful incentive-based IT infrastructure platform that can offer a low-cost solution to start-up entrepreneurs!

So here it is - the product's introduction link, a month after its initial release (yes, I'm that far behind on all the activity here on STEEM):


Know a mom? Refer her to this app.

Google Play app link

It is our duty as steemians!

BUZZi allows a platform of expression to one of the most cooped-up audiences looking to guide and critique. I don't mean this negatively, but am talking from experience. Mothers love to share, powerfully influence, and get rewarded for their actions.

So empower a friend or loved one today and let them help make STEEM fun again!

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