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What a Wednesday - Oct. 2, 2019

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4 am
Out of bed.

Cleaned up a bit, took the decoration down.

Scales: disappointing...gaining weight again 2.3 kg! 🤔

Tea time and getting ready for school.

5:25 am
On our way to the bus stop.

Waited about 45 minutes at the supermarket.

Spoke the eldest via whatsapp about getting older and how disappointing life is. Husband been in hospital, school keeps sending messages by whatsapp and want her to show up and help out at school (preferable daily). Some people need to work.

Made photos of the daybreak.

Read, commented, tipped on.Publish0x.

6:50 am
Drive the youngest to school.

7:15 am
Back home.

Still on whatsapp with eldest while cleaning up outside kitchen. Dogfood needs an other place.

Feeding wolves. The new bag food is moldy! How can that be? It was closed, no holes in it.

Mowed some grass while the youngest wolf runs up and down, jumps in and out the pond, sees something outside the fence interesting.

Xiao refuses to eat. No problem.

Strange sky.

First post of the day was after 9 am with @appics. Lucifer is today #catsofsteemit. Yesterday it was Mew (officially Mew three).

Read, commented and upvoted a bit on Appics.
Posted a #dogsofsteemit too.

Posted my CCC- present post on Weku. Read and commented there too. I do not answer many replies at Weku, also hardly follow anyone. I just read the new posts. It works great there and it saves me a lot of time.

Switched the kitchen boiler on.

Swept the floor.

10 am
I want to read more posts. Whole days answering/commenting brings less news.

10:30 am
Edited, posted my Monday, Monday Sept. 30, 2019 Daily Diary via SteemCoinpan.

Claimed all tokens. Nothing happens if I wait and wait and wait. I leave. Tomorrow it will be claimed.

I want to powerup SteemCoinpan.
How? I do not know how to buy/pay sct via steem-engine. I will see if I can figure it out. No one comes with the answer which icon or button to click/steps to take.

Btw: I bought Steem yesterday with @bitvavo, that is bitvavo.com. I could not transfer because that option was for security reasons suddenly blocked. Very strange. I had to send an email. The answer came a minute later. According to ... it was because I changed my password. Yeah, sure. I did that earlier and after that I could transfer etc. As I told them that no response came. Great service.

10:47 am
Dpoll done.

I cannot wait for the moment the youngest two wolves can no longer bark.
Strange... the pup has a lower, deeper sound as its mom.

Entered @derangedcontests contests.

Question: are the upvotes worth anything at all? This account has only 138.492 SP
To be honest I think the prizes (upvotes only) are useless. An upvote given in a comment and after one week? 🤔

The only big winner is @derangedcontests who earns with posting the same contest over and over again. The photo has to be left as a reply only. There is no hard work in visiting and upvoting the comments which these photos are.

How many had a payout at all?
@fitinfun @fitinfunfood @gertu you?

I think it is a waste of a good photo if you do not make a post out of it. I checked all the photos left as a comment in the last 6 contests. Only two received 0.003 cent and two 0.001 cent and not given by @derangedcontests. These rewards will never be paid!

I have no great photos to share.

You can join for the honour, to advertise your name. I doubt any of those who join these contests have a look at the other photos or will comment or upvote them.

Posted English freewrite prompt dog whistle. No decency.

12:30 pm
Eyes hurt, infected.

Daughter informs about an email I received about someone who tried to break into my account.

Washed the dishes.

They keep calling me anonymous, ever 3 hours. Wow, my stalker is back?

1 pm
On my way to pick up the youngest.

1::46 pm
At the K&H bank asking again for a debitcard. We waited 7 monats, they said we could have one now. Here we are, we waited, the months are over. Now they tell us to come back in another month.
We cannot cancel the account because they do not have that amount of money. 😲
A bank without money, not even 250 euro. Who is fooling who here?

I hate this. You always need to get angry to get your right. 😖

I am not a "Hampelmann"!

2 pm
I am still waiting.

2:27 pm
Signed about 12 times, downloaded the app and I receive an email as soon the bank pas arrived.
Thank you and goodbye.

Let's have a look at the sky.

We wait till the bus arrives... did not take more water with me I hate myself about that. It is 3:15 pm

I try to answer some comments. The youngest and I sit on a bench in front of a fountain without water.

3:35 pm
Finally going home I feel miserable. My new sunglasses cause me allergies too. I am back at the age of 7-8 years old.

Posted yesterday's German freewrite Das Recht, prompt Bürgerrecht.

5:28 pm
Posted today's German freewrite Ruhe bitte!, prompt Babysprache.

6:40 pm
Posted [Angry / Wütend](https://steem-bounty.com/services/forever/@wakeupkitty/angry-wuetend-en-de

7:33 pm
I made my first Wednesdaywalk post, posted with @actifit.

Tomorrow I will try to recommend a freewrite and the rest of the to-do list.

Bedtime I am broke, too tired what I intended to do.

An old, abandoned factory once used for? Tell me if you know it.

Some tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

Please, ask for help if you need some.
You can ask me, @fitinfun has many tips and lots of experience and there is @steem-aide.
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@dustbunny is still active and will continue sweeping dust! See for more info their account and if you can delegate SP to them.

Met @catnet yet?

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The primary function of holding CAT is to bring the kitten-bots to deliver cuddles for you.
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