Tell me the meaning of this expression, I give 3 steem as a prize.

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Hello palnet lovers..


When I was relaxing to enjoy coffee, I pay close attention to a photo that displayed on the wall of this unique cafe. Here you can see the grinning lion face and a grandfather with a listless face. I try to describe this photo and ask myself what's the story and philosophy of this photo? There is must be something special about these two expressions, would you like to explain it well?


I even told my brother and my child to express like this picture, it seems like only my child is approaching that expression, whereas my brother is contradictory from this picture.

Well, I will give 3 steem for three answer that I think is very reasonable and close to the truth. There are no rules here, open to anyone. I only need the original opinions and well-informed and make me understand the meaning of this photo. Thanks.

This photo was taken at Seladang Cafe, Bener Meriah Regency, Indonesia using a Canon EOS 800D camera

For honarable mention who like photography and writing about life : @acidyo @r2cornell @altooq @cityofstars @kus-knee @xpilar @sultan-aceh @chorock @wisdomandjustice @tomhall @sonki999 @moghul @cyberrn @slowwalker @oldtimer @oldstone @sonki999 @introvert-dime @khanza.aulia @midun @anroja. Blessing


My Regard

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I would go with that as we get older we start to fear the anger in youth a lot less. We have a understand that those angry eyes have reason to be that way but also know that we can fix that.

Hi my friend @stever82, Thank you for giving a new point of view here my friend.
Can we interpret this as a process of self-learning and make the past as material for contemplation or regret?

These guys are friends

Even though they cannot communicate with words and are different creatures facing different challenges they are in fact one in the same.

It could be that they are communicating in their respective ways. Indeed in this world, there are things like that. They have abilities that cannot be logic. And maybe, they are the same. both expression is showing their personal identities. Thanks

I thought the wise grandfather was looking into the eyes of the young lion and telepathically saying,
“Calm down, fellow earth dweller, I was once like you but am older and wiser now.

Hi @redheadpei.

Well, that's a good illustration, my friend, it seems more click :) Thank you for visiting my blog. Blessing

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Bahasa Indonesia

Saat sedang bersantai menikmati kopi, pandangan saya tertuju kepada sebuah foto yang dipajang di dinding yang cafe unik ini. Dalam postingan ini, kamu dapat melihat ekpresi singa yang sedang menyeringai dan ekspresi seorang kakek dengan wajah lesu. Lama saya memperhatikan foto ini dan muncul pertanyaan dalam hati "ada apa di balik cerita foto ini ?" Rasanya tidak mungkin foto ini dipajang jika tidak ada yang istimewa tentang dua ekpresi ini.

Oleh sebab itu, saya menginginkan pendapat dari para steemian semua untuk menjelaskan ini dengan baik ?. Tenang kawan, saya akan memberikan 3 steem untuk untuk masing-masing jawaban yang menurut saya sangat masuk akal dan mendekati kebenaran.

Tidak ada aturan disini, terbuka bagi siapa saja. Saya hanya membutuhkan pendapat original dan disampaikan dengan baik dan membuat saya mengerti arti foto ini. Terimakasih.

Salam hormat bin hangat

Memanggil kawan-kawan saya @midun, @khanza.aulia @cicisaja @thekitchenfairy @deltasteem @my451r untuk memberikan pendapat. Izin menandai, siap salah.

I kind of see the same person in both, the tiger and the old man .. the tiger represents the younger wilder charackter that kind of attacks everything, cant stand still and never woul be supressed .. the older guy is the wiser version that reflects himself in his young tiger. He is not as agressive anymore but hardened, more experienced and learned to be focused. Nevertheless he did not lose any of his confidence, he is still a fighter but a more concentrated one that has gained the power to stand against a tiger despite of his age ..

.. I really like that picture and the "new version" of it ^^ .. I would call it maybe : The Everlasting Struggle with the Inner Beast .. or : Taming by Maturity

Hi @adalger, first, thanks for visiting my blog, and I am very grateful for your narrative my friend.
Shortly, this is about the passion and enthusiasm related with the level of someone maturity. I think your answer is very good here, I'll tell you later. There are many perspectives here and I will judge them subjectively. Be patient please.

@khaimi To me the tiger represents wild energy, its survival instinct and its nature.
As for man means the wisdom acquired during his life, knowing how to face his fears, serene and calm.
Moral of the photo: When you are aggressive with us, trying to summon us, we must demonstrate and face everything with serenity and wisdom.
Greetings from Brazil

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

Hello @josferod2.. What you said is true, this photo seems to represent someone's character, maybe it's not about who, but about what. I will note this as good input. Please be patient my friend and greeting from Indonesia. Blessing

Relax... Im not your enemy! You fear me don't you said the oldman... yeah you have your big head, nice and great skin ..big fang, but I know how to tame you anyway.

You don't want to eat me, im not that crunchy and worth for your energy, he stated. And the tiger said... Im the beast and the king of the forest, I can not frighten you... I'll be like you one day too, but I live for today... what are you going to say?

It's an expression of time and life philosophy, it calls toothless tiger😂 you are strong but you can't do anything but showing other how to react through being a big mouth😂

Your thoughts about this picture are very interesting cut kak @cicisaja, at least I understand that being easy and old is "sunnatullah", what you did when you were young, will be obtained in old. The Anger in youth becomes regret in old, the enthusiasm in youth will become wisdom in old. I nominate you.

You are the contest conductor, you don't have to nominate me anyway.. I just love paintings and let my feeling talk about it... toothless tiger stage is a destiny for all living creatures

Very nice.

I'm thinking about the "eye of the tiger" - maybe the eye of the old man is the equivalent.

Just supporting from the group, not really here to compete. Nice contest.

The meaning of view above is...
you are depend on your skin. Humanity or un....
Basically, we are same...

Your explanation is short my friend @ombeye, but the point I get is that we are the same. But I think this is not talk about the same, this is about expression, except in general we are God's creation. Thanks for your opinion. Blessing

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*'I dont afraid you, I know who you was in the previous life'

this is definitely not a realistic picture,
thus it dont display common emotions, this is my strong feeling about it.
it must be a symbolic meaning... which I am not sure I can decipher well.
ok, you have my version / assumption.
lets see how close it maybe... I assume you know the truth?

That's right, one can take another paradigm from this picture. The Objectivity in describing the perspective is very relative, even myself is not necessarily correct. I tried to dig into it better in understanding this picture. Thank you for your input. Blessing


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