Bungy Jumping in the Corinth Canal - Part 2

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Just now, I wrote a post explaining the Corinth Canal so that you can get a good background before reading this exciting post!

There is more you need to learn about the Corinth Canal!

You will never guess!

At the Corinth Canal, there is this sports activity: Bungy Jumping!

What do you think of this one?

How is it possible that they put up this sports activity in Corinth?

You need to have a little background of the history of Corinth.

Corinth has a history of more than 4000 years old

Coming to Greece, one must make a visit to Corinth or Korinthos as the Greeks say it.

It is only 80 km southwest of Athens.

You need to realize that Corinth used to be a crossroad of land and sea. This is how this city reached its prosperity during the Roman Times Period in the 1st Century A.D.

Finally in 1893, the Corinthians built a canal here just so that it can connect the Corinthian Gulf with the Saronic Gulf. This canal makes it a lot more convenient and easy for ship traveling as they do not need to go around the Pelopneese at all.

The canal now becomes the short cut path way for ships to cross over to the other side quickly.

This canal is 6.4 kilometers long and 24.6 meters wide.

There are bridges that cross over the canal.

Today, that is where all the actions take place in joining the mainland of Greece with Peloponnese.

Thrilling Bungee Jump Sports Activity

The Greeks are fun people who love challenges.

They created a Bungy Jump event right at the Canal here and this is why a lot of tourists come here to watch these events taking place.

The maximum height is 78 meters high and the person jumps off the bridge and into the thin gap there of the canal.

This is exactly what they see when they make the jump.

The walls look very narrow but actually it is quite wide and safe.

I love diving to swim but I am not brave enough to do these kinds of bungy jump.

If you love bungee jumps, come to Corinth canal and have a thrill of a life time.

Here is the advertising board inviting people to line up for the bungy jump!

I best fasten my seat belt.

Can you hear the screaming Ahhhhh...........



Note: All these photos are taken by me. I am a hobbyist photographer.

My hobby digital camera: HX400V Sony Camera
My phone camera: Samsung C-7 Pro


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Its really very amazing place!

Yeah, you never imagine they can come up with bungy jumping in this serious transport place.

Oh! My God! They are serious for something. Is it only for fun, they do here?

It is for fun but still, it looks very scary. Most bungy jumps are more in natural environment and nothing like this narrow deep canal below.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Looks a bit crazy.

Yeah, that's what I thought. But it is for real that they put this fun activity there for people to try.