Swimming at the Korinthos Beach in Greece

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Korinthos has a great landscape in Greece as it is situated right by the sea in the northern part of Peloponeese.

It is a commercial cultural center with lots of parks, squares, port and not to mention the great canal and the magnificent bridge built there so that people can go across from northern Greece to the south side.

I will share more about this in my next post.

One of the great activities at Korinthos is going swimming at the many beaches here.

Korinthos is about 84 kilometer to the west of Athens and you can see beautiful mountain landscape along the seashore.

This is how beautiful the scenery looks when I jump into the water here.

The natural landscape is just so breath taking.

Now, you know why I love coming here to swim.

Everything is so quiet here and you are surrounded by natural beauty.

As I swim further away, there is a little waterfall near the park.

This is just so refreshing to get near here to listen to the sound of the waterfall.

So refreshing.

Often times, we see waterfall so far away.

I've often times swam very near to waterfalls and the feeling is great as you feel that you are just part of the natural environment here.

Korinthos truly have one of the best beaches in Greece as the city is situated in the Saronic Gulf Sea and the Coringh Gulf Sea.

They provide bays there such that there are no strong winds which make swimming very enjoying so that you can swim and enjoy the beautiful landscape at the same time.

I've noticed that beaches that have a lot of winds make the water very choppy and difficult to swim in, but not so at Korinthos.

Both of these Gulfs have coasts in the perfecture of Korinthos that are truly fantastic for swimmers. I don't see too many coral fish here so it is not a place for snorkeling. But definitely a place for swimmers.

Come and join me,


Note: All these photos are taken by me. I am a hobbyist photographer.

My hobby digital camera: HX400V Sony Camera
My phone camera: Samsung C-7 Pro


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Calm and a peaceful place. So wonderful😉

Yes. Very nice indeed.

Love the beautiful place. Also nice shot.

Thank you @hafizullah

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