Why I buy Qurator tokens

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I like Qurator and have been deligated to them for almost the first day I could do it.
Now they have lounched an own token Q-token.

When they introduced it I was number 3 of "most invested in Q-token". I am not sure where I am today at that list.
But why? Because I think it is a

  • Good ROI
  • Good Team
  • Good way of earning

First round is maximum 10 000 tokens. And they will start giving out 10 steem every day (that will increase to 50% of Qurator earning soon). So if you have 1 token you will get 0,001 steem every day.
In one year you will have 0,365 Steem for every token.
One token value today is 1 Steem.

SO - I will get 36,5% back for my investment every year

I know some of the team in Qurator and like what they do to Steemit and members of Qurator. I get upvotes, can join contest and can use a upvotebot. LIKE IT

I do not have to stake (and lock the tokens for a while). I just need to have them. For every token I get Steem payout.
BUT - I will also get tokens because I deligate to them. For this deligation I get upvotes and now also tokens every day.

Good money for a good community.

Read more here https://steemit.com/qurator/@qurator/introducing-the-qurator-token-details-inside

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That sounds good what would you say is a good amount to delegate?

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Deligate so much so you also be a members of this community and get Free upvote. Thats the Only important thing. Are you not a member?

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No I’m not, after reading your post I delegated 100 SP is that enough?

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I Will check it. Just put boy to bed

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I can not see any limits (it was 150 if I remember right when I enter).
BUT - if you are a member you get upvotes, contest and good stuff. If you deligate without beeing a member you only get token-reward.

So - I think it is much better to be a member.

I also bought some and there are not that many left now ^^