Road of Rich(ROR) game service started.

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  • Road of Rich(ROR) game service started.
    We will not initialize Game-data and will continue to develop and update it.
    You can play the game at

  • ROR game short-term update plan.
    Start development first by applying the English language pack, activating the paid-items, and implementing RORS token payment system.
    Will add BGM on-off function soon.

  • In the ROR game, there are many different Regions and Dungeons, and Mining, Gathering places.
    Moving to other areas can be a good choice.

  • Dungeon's item acquisition quantity is not proportional to the number of mercenaries sent. But you get all the experience.

  • We will post the ROR Play-Guide(Tutorial) on ASAP.

  • The tokens we have Burned today are 8000 RORS and 375 IV tokens.

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
ROR Official Kakao talk channel:

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