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CD Projekt Red

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CD Projekt Red has launched the official announcement to register for the new closed beta of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game for Android. The title of letters will be available very soon on the new platform.

Specifically, next week the new closed beta will begin on March 10 and players can join in order of arrival. Anyone with accounts on Google Play and GOG: COM can join this test.

All modes and features of the full GWENT game will be available to participants and any progress you have in the beta can be transferred to your GOG.COM account, the same with which you enter the game.

This means that you can take all your progress when the complete game arrives on Android, as well as its versions of PC and iOS while all of them are linked to the same account.

GWENT is now available for PC and iOS. The Android version will officially launch on March 24. Players who pre-register on Google Play will receive an exclusive item as a reward: Imperial Golem Avatar.

If you are interested, just enter this link to sign up for Android's closed beta.

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