Woohoo! Created my first Community: Crypto Talk

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The Communities feature is finally open to the public! I've been so looking forward to testing this out as I believe Communities is the single feature that has the greatest potential for Steem to attract new users. So when I saw the post from @exyle earlier today, I immediately jumped onto the beta.steemit.com site to test out Communities.

My first Community - Crypto Talk

If you are at all interested in what's happening in the cryptoverse, please come and check out the Crypto Talk Community. If you are a trader, investor or just curious about crypto, this Community is designed with you in mind. Please check it out, and I'll be giving out some upvotes to the best content in this Community.

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I've been trying to subscribe but it keeps coming up with transaction broadcast error 57☹️

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O not sure why. Maybe try later. Thanks for your interest.