Do You Have A Quality Neoxian Post ?

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At the moment my vote power on Neoxian is about 200 give or take a bit. Since I am so heavily invested into the platform I wanted to pick 10 people with good quality posts about Neoxian.

If you have a Neoxian post about any of the following in the last 3 days please comment a link to it below.

  1. Neoxian Miners
  2. Neoxian Silver
  3. Neoxian Gold
  4. Neoxian the new social token
  5. Your experience with Neoxian so far

These 10 posts will get a 50% upvote from me over the next two or three days to not deplete the voting weight to much.

Thanks for all of your support on Neoxian lets build this into one amazing community!

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Thanks gave ya a nice upvote and thank you for buying some Neoxian off the market!

No worries, thanks for the upvote👍

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I created a post now using the tag -

I don't quite get this tribe yet, I went through the posts and its all random stuff, is there a specific content niche or rules for this tribe?

Thanks for your support for neoxian tag post. Below is my first post using neoxian tag.

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