How Are You Blockchain?

in sct •  3 years ago 

Hello Guys, i am Back ...

Huh, it took so long I left the Steemit platform, as well as several other platforms that were allied to it. I admit, this is a form of my disappointment with a system that is universal in the beginning became a stronghold of a small camp that is not directed.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Today I returned, and started again from zero, not for steemit, but for a platform that is growing rapidly on the Steem-engine, and SCT is one of them.

Over time, the development of blockchain media continues to grow, and I skip it all. SCT itself I think is also the result of a past disappointment that is growing rapidly today.

I do not know the rules that developed in this platform, but, I am ready to accommodate all the rules that apply in this platform. please support all of you.

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Welcome back!

thanks you very much @pfunk

P! Welcome back as well! Was so excited to see you supporting my blog again! This nasty bear market has been rough, so thank you so much brother! I'm now chillen in Playa del Carmen Mexico! Life is good. Hope you have been well! -Dan