TFUEL - my recent profit details

in sct •  3 years ago 

Buy order

Today's blog is about my recent profit trade on Wazirx.
Name : TFUEL
Profit % : 9.8%
Buy order statistics
Number of coins - 496
Price per coin - 0.01087

sell order

Actually this is huge profit within a short period of time you can see the timing of orders in both screenshot. It happened in 2 hours approximately. And here is the sell details.
price per coin = 0.01195
Net profit = 5.92-5.39= 0.53$
Hope you like my blog


Myself Ranjith Kumar contact me at popular social media in name of Ranjith pvrp. Going to grasp my engineering degree in a year. If you like my work and writing hit follow for the frequent updates.

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