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SCT 在 CN 区成为最近微信群里讨论的热点,一时间大家都在SCT平台发布帖子,并激烈讨论这一新平台的影响,相当热闹!


从各个方面看,KR社区的活力很值得CN社区的学习和思考 ☺ 对CN社区而言,如果SCT等平台的出现能促动团队的共同行动与新的尝试,或许是更有价值的一件事。

SCT has been hot news in CN community in the past few days~

Excited to see the emergence of new platforms like SteemCoinpan by the awesome Korean community. Look like to be a new trend of rapid development of new applications for Steem based on the steem-engine infrastructure. It has been among the top from what we can see on

screenshot from | 2019/05/19

Definitely the birth of new applications will drive much more innovation than we've already seen. Let's look forward to seeing what kind of value will SCT brings to the Steem, blockchain and real world gradually.

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Thanks for your positive view point about #sct and let us try together to be happened well as your expectation.

Thank you. Feel free to let us know if you think CN community can help you in any manner. :P

谢谢大家的关心! 希望CN社区也有荣光!


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