[SCT] Benificiary Distribution Plan: A Favorable Policy for Strong Holders and Big Holders

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  • The Steem Coinpan Community plans to distribute a portion of the beneficiary per month as a preference for strong holders and big holders that contribute to price stability at the end of each month.

  • First of all, starting midnight on June 30 at 24:00, we will distribute 20% of the @sct.admin account for the June in proportion to the staking ratio of accounts staking more than 1% of circulating . (Excluding operating accounts)

  • Note: These operating accounts are excluded from the calculation
    @sct, @sct.admin, @sct.down, @sct.adv,
    @sct.jac, @sct.biz, @sct.kop, @sct.tom, @sct.jcob,
    @sct.cu Etc., curating accounts

  • The payment target corresponds to an account of 11,460 SCT or more staked, which is 1% of 1.146M (for now) calculated based on the end of the month distribution.

  • Some of these Beneficiary revenues will be distributed on a regular basis every month. Estimation ratio may change depending on the cost of occurrence. (Currently, it is expected to be in the ratio of 10 ~ 30%.)

  • We are looking forward to your interest and participation in the monthly distribution of Beneficiary rewards for accounts that have staked at least 1% to stabilize the market.

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@sct.jac 님 :-) 그러면 이번 포스팅은 notice 태그로 올리겠습니다. 늘 수고 많으세요!