[SCT] Careful Thoughts about Steem Coinpan

in sct •  2 years ago  (Edited)


 To summarize latest postings on sct category, there are two things in common. Lots of opinions match, which is that white paper and UI / UX require improvement. I believe that it is a priority for all users to find a lesser inconvenience to use - a more efficient way for everyone. I'm not an engineer, but when majority of people are using Steemit, would not it be better to improve UI?

 On the positive side, the more convenient the UI gets, either SCT or steemit, the more users it receives benefits. Likewise, I agree with the white paper that it is meaningful to complement each other in the Coinpan. Now that the management team is working on improving the coinpan, I hope that soon it reveals.

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